You Don't Have To Break The Bank To Eat Healthy

But trust me, you shouldn’t have to choose between eating healthy and breaking the bank. I’ve got a few tips that will help you stick to a super nutritious grocery list, even if you’re on a budget. 


Okay, so obviously when you think healthy groceries, you think Whole Foods, right? And yes, while Whole Foods has some great options, it’ is very verrrrry easy to spend a lot on just a small amount of food and/or products. I personally love Whole Foods, but it can be crazy expensive!  So, when I know I’m gonna be shopping BIG or when I’m just trying to keep my grocery bill a little lower, I like to branch out. 

Start by checking out some other grocery stores in your area. I’m gonna let you in on a little hot little tip that I’m so excited about, and one that might surprise you… Walmart! Seriously. If you know what you’re looking for, you can usually find it there. Plus, their prices are basically unbeatable! 


If you’re shopping at grocery stores that aren’t traditionally known as being “healthy,” the trick is to shop smart. That means buying organic when you need to, but also knowing when you can skip it altogether to save yourself a few extra dollars.

The general rule is: if it’s something you’re going to peel (like a banana or an avocado), you don’t need to buy organic because the pesticides are all stuck on the peel, anyway. And if you want a little more guidance, here’s what I do….

  • Buy fruits and veggies that are in season, they will be less expensive. 
  • Always buy organic dairy products, believe me…. It’s worth it. 
  • Definitely non-gmo meats, ideally organic too!
  • Apples, berries, celery, grapes, cucumber, any other juicy fruit – go organic.


Bulk buys are AMAZING. Seriously, it’s kinda crazy how much money you can save by buying in bulk, especially for stuff that can get really pricey like nuts and protein powders. Whole Foods has a bulk section. So does Sprouts. And if you want a real hot tip, find out if there’s a Winco near you because their bulk section is BOMB. Just make sure you skip the bulk candy aisle! Thank you, next. 

And, as a bonus, if you bring your own bags you can skip all that pesky plastic packaging so you’re doing something great for the earth, too! 


Did you know that when you freeze fruits and veggies, you hardly lose any of their nutritional value? And frozen can be soooo much cheaper, especially when you’re buying something that’s out of season. 

Plus, because it can just chill in your freezer, that means you don’t have to do that “race-to-the-finish-to-avoid-mold” thing. Anyone else ever lost a whole thing of blueberries to mold like two days after buying them? Ugh. I hate that. Frozen is great because it helps you avoid that, which is basically just throwing money away, plus it’s usually cheaper in the first place. I love using frozen fruit in my smoothies, too, because then you don’t even need to add ice!


Those impulse purchases add up and, let’s be honest, most of them probably aren’t helping you with your #goals. Unless you’re impulse buying kale which, like, good for you if you are! But I’m always tempted by that bar of dark chocolate hanging out by the register. Having a list — and sticking to it — saves me from bad food choices and it helps me save a ton of money. 


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