Why You Should Never Do A Juice Cleanse


Juice cleanse. It's time to get it on LOCK, girl!

Summer is Coming!

We've all heard the phrase, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". That?applies to your workouts or diets. No matter what someone tells you, "quick fixes" don't work.

Trust me when I say that I know this from experience. You can read my whole story here, but here's the gist: I tried every fad, quick fix, and juice diet on the freakin' market. They don't work.

Around this time of year, we start realizing that bikini season is knocking down the door…so we panic. Google searches spike with "How to lose 10 pounds fast" or "Get two sizes smaller in two weeks." It's like we will try ANYTHING just to be thinner, including psycho diet pills or my personal favorite…….JUICE CLEANSES.

Don't get me wrong, juice cleanses CAN serve a purpose, but it absolutely is not to help you lose weight.

So what's the deal with juice cleanses?

Lemme break down Why You Should NEVER Do a Juice Cleanse:

Juice cleanses typically range from 3 days to weeks of drinking juice ONLY ?While you definitely get some good vitamins and minerals, they lack key nutrients your body NEEDS to just function.

  • When you juice a fruit, you get rid of the fiber. Our bodies NEED fiber and on average, Americans get less than half the recommended amount per day. So, no fiber… that means you're basically just left with the sugar. ?You don't have to be a doctor to know that this is not helping your body. And this is why i LOVE smoothies!
  • No fiber = you're gonna be hangry.Because fiber keeps you feeling full. Now you're amped up on sugar and hungry… recipe for disaster? I'd say so…
  • No protein = no muscle!You guys! There's essentially no (or a best very little) protein in a juice cleanse!!! OMG. That means that sure, you might lose weight… but it's going to be your MUSCLES that disappear. This is literally the opposite of what we want!
  • You DO NOT lose fat.The scale may drop… but just wait til you eat or drink something after the cleanse is over. Aside from losing muscle mass, you are likely just dropping water weight. And as soon as you start eating again… even if it's super clean and healthy, the scale is going to go back up

YES, only consuming a TON of liquid WILL make you feel like you're losing weight, but you're not losing fat (which is what we want right?) The worst part is, just low calories can sent your body into starvation mode and actually cause your metabolism to PERMANENTLY slow down! So basically…DO. NOT. JUICE. CLEANSE. FOR. WEIGHT. LOSS!

Here's what to do if you're trying to look?for summer

  • Commit to yourself & your team!That means signing up for the SSD (yes, you can still jump in!) or do yourself one better and get in on the plan that literally changed my life: the Hot Body Sweat Guideand Hot Body Meal Plan that I created. It's how I lost 45 lbs. and changed my life forever. Hint: it'll change yours, too! ( Bundle 'em upfor a better deal! Best money you'll ever spend, I swear!)
  • Start making changes now. Depending on your fitness level or lifestyle, that may mean walking for your cardio and that istotally okay!If you start making small changes now, I swear, in no time, you'll find yourself doing things you thought were impossible just a week or so ago.
  • Find something you love to do!Maybe hot yoga ain't your thang and you just don't understand why people would want to sweat and contort in all sorta crazy ways! That's perfectly alright! You're not a yogi! Maybe you're a runner or a hiker or an at home sweat babe! Just find out what it is that makes you smile through the sweat and do it!
  • Grab your bestie and bring her on this journey with you! Maybe she is looking to get fit, too. Maybe she's already fit and you're intimidated to workout with her. Don't be!!! First of all, the LSF community is for everyone! Second of all, I guarantee she will be jacked that you're ready to start this journey at your side!

Like I said, start NOW! Seriously, it's the only way to see the results you are longing for before it's sweater season again!

If you don't believe me… believe them?

Above all ,don't get discouraged if you don't see results right away when making good, lasting changes! It doesn't happen over night (and it shouldn't). We want lifestyle changes that get you healthy, happy, and strong for LIFE over here at LSF. That means things don't happen overnight! But good things come to those who work for it and as we say at LSF, good things come to those sweat!

What are you waiting for!?

Seriously, the time is NOW! Whatever your motivation to make the change is… a bikinis, a wedding (or six), a vacay, a festival… do not wait another day! This is YOUR year, babe! And you are in the right place to make a change. We have your back at LSF and we want you to succeed! We'll be cheering you on every burpee, every squat, every protein-packed meal.

Never forget: you got this, and we got you! And if you ever forget, find your #teamlsf girls over on Insta and feel the love.?


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