Weekly Workout With Bands


workout with bands. weekly workout. And just like that it's October!

Between mid-terms, school, work, and all the fun parties ahead, this time of year can get super stressful. Instead of throwing on a giant sweater and hiding in your room with hot cocoa, we're gonna sweat the stress away. All month long I'll be sharing incredible workout and wellness tips that will help reduce anxiety and make you feel amazing. Adding a workout with bands will make a huge difference in your results!


Video Below x2 (20 minutes)


Video x1 to warm up + HBSGW5D1

#LSFMadeItMonday:Share your #goals for October and tag a babe or two to help hold you accountable! BONUS: Share them with your new DM group on IG! Want to join a group with other girls in your area? DM @TeamLSF and they will get you all set up!

P.S. Did you get your new October planning calendar? Meal prep and workout scheduling just got like 10000% easier…?

Workout For Better Posture!
Workout Time (10+ minutes)
Do Each Exercise x12 reps
Bikini Ab Ladder + HBSGW5D2
Lose ten pounds in five minutes…just trust us, go watch the new Posture videoon YouTube! And learn all about the "why" behind it over on the blog.
#LSFRollCall:Are you jamming to the new October playlist? Because…you really should be. Share your fave song in a story!
My Fave Spots to Work!
Workout Time (20+ minutes)
Video x2
HBSGW5D3 + Video1x as a bonus round!

#LSFRollCall:Work It Wednesday! We've got some BRAND NEW quotes up on the Team LSF story today! Re-post + share your fave!

Sweat Out the Stress!
Workout Time (15 minutes)
Video x1

#LSFRollCall: I know, I know, you've already done a heck of a lot of planks, but hey, we're here to WORK. Hop back on your mat for a bonus round of ARMY CRAWLERS! Share the max you got to and challenge a babe to crush it with you!

Waist Trainer Workout
Workout Time (25+ minutes)
Video x2

#LSFRollCall:Check back in with a friend who shared her October #goals with you on Monday. Friends don't let friends sweat (or drink champagne!) alone.

Love Your Body!
Workout Time (20+ minutes)
Video x4
HBSGW5D6 +Video x1 to warm up

#LSFRollCall:How are you living guiltless today? Share all your treats, and remember, you DESERVE it!

Stretch + Foam Roll (15 minutes)

#LSFRollCall:Share your fave Sunday relax hacks!

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