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Workout schedule. Workout schedule. It starts today! The LSF Fridge Makeover Challengeofficially kicks off and girl you're going to love it!

Did you download your challenge starter kit? How cute is the fridge clean-out game? Totally makes me geek out and want to get to work! Who said cleaning has to wait until Spring? Let's to it babe!

Nutrition is THE most important part of your fitness journey and you have everything you need at your fingertips in the LSF Plan! If you haven't downloaded it yet, download hereso you can start to #LiveGuiltless


Booty Babe

Workout Time (10 minutes)

Video x1


Video x1 to warm up + HBSGW2D1


Let's all make our #LSFMadeItMonday goal to CLEAN our fridge til' it's fresh AF, deal? BEFORE you make any moves, snap an #LSFFridgeShelfie so we can see all your amazing progress at the end of the week.

Use your Toss-It Guideto help you decide what needs to go (AKA that ranch dressing you haven't touched since 2002). Once your fridge is TOTALLY empty, take a pic + add some of your fave food GIFs to planout what will go where. Head to the #TeamLSF story for inspo, then share on IG!


Workout Time (15+ minutes)

Video x3


New Video x1 to warm up + HBSGW2D2


Comment with where you did this workout on YouTube when you finish the video!

"I could give up shopping, but I'm not a quitter." REAL TALK. You're in luck today, babe. Print out your LSF Seasonal Grocery Guide, fill in the blanks to personalize your list, snap a pic, and share on IG with #LSFFridgeShelfie! Bonus points: story your grocery haul!

Then, we made an amazing Fridge Organization Mapto help you put everything in its place! Make sure you have both on hand.

Sexy Arms

Workout Time (15 minutes)

Video x2


HBSGW2D3 + Video1x as a bonuss round!


Share your step-by-step meal prep and tag a bestie to challenge her to get cookin' by your side!

Need a place to start? Here's one of the best-out-there meal prep recipesyou should probably (read: DEFINITELY) try.

Abs + Cardio

Workout Time (45 minutes)

Video x1 + 30 minutes of LISS cardio


1x to warm-up + HBSGW2D4


Where are you eating your pro-packed meal? Share with #LSFFridgeMakeover.

Full Body Burn

Workout Time (32+ minutes)

Video x4




Now that you've got the tools to #LiveGuiltless, we're putting you to the test. Head to today's blog post, print out, fill-in, and share your Meal Prep Planner for next week!

Chill Out Babe!

Workout Time (12 minutes)

Video x1


HBSGW2D6 +Video x1 to cool down


Take an AFTER pic of yoursparkly clean fridge and post it beside your BEFORE pic by next Monday (9/17) at 11:59pm PST! Make sure to use #LSFFridgeMakeover #LSFFridgeShelfie so we can find all your amazing transformations!


Stretch + Foam Roll (15 minutes)



Psssst… Summer isn't over yet & I plan on soaking up every moment I can!

On Sundays, we meal prep.Use those pro-prep skills and set yourself up for a healthy week! Reminder: post your #LSFFridgeMakeover on IG by midnight tomorrow (9/17)!

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