Weekly Workout Schedule

Free weekly workouts. Feelin' Hydrated

Girl that skin is GLOWING after last weeks hydration challenge! Don't you feel amazing? I loved seeing your #LSFrollcall check-ins and hearing how you were feeling along the way. My favorite was all the bathroom break stories?So good!

If you missed the hydration challengelast week, it's not to late to join in. You can literally do it ANYTIME! There's a cute printable to help keep you on track and chuggin' away!

Since this weekend is Memorial Day weekend and the "unofficial" summer kick-off I wanted to give you a little something to help get those abs poppin'! We're doing aMiNi ABS CHALLENGE!

Whenever I have something BIG I want to look/feel great for I stick to week 4 of the HBMP and add the Bikini Abs Ladderfrom the HBSG into my daily routine. So, this week I wanted to make it a little challenge and have all of you do it with me! Just imagine how incredible your core will feel by the holiday weekend!

Post your #LSFMadeItMondayinspo on Instagram.

What's your goal this week? Cutting sugar? Drinking more water? Not going for that second portion of dessert? The best way to make sure you can succeed is to share it with your team so we can all help hold you accountable! Post a pic & share you're today on IG.

Make sure you warm up every day before you get your sweat on!


No Squat Boo-tay Babe!

Workout Time (18 minutes)

Video x2 + Bikini Ab Ladder +optional HBSGW8D1


Just ignore the Christmas tree?

Cardio Kickboxing

Workout Time (20-25 minutes)

Exercises below x2+ Bikini Ab Ladder +optional HBSGW7D2

*HBSG girls, do this video 1x as a bonus

Core Strengthener

Workout Time (20minutes)

Abs Video x2 + Bikini Ab Ladder +optional HBSGW8D3


LISS Cardio

Workout Time (15+ minutes)

Dance Video x3 + Bikini Ab Ladder +optional HBSGW8D4

*HBSG girls, add this to your guide workout today!


OMG how fun are these!? If you haven't downloaded your FREE cellphone wallpapersyet, go get them babe! They're such a fun way to stay motivated every day!

Cute Cellphone Wallpaper, motivational quotes, fitness inspiration

Inner & Outer Thigh Workout

Workout Time (15 minutes)

Video x3+ Bikini Ab Ladder +Optional HBSGW8D5

*HBSG girls, stick to your guide workout today!



Workout Time (20-25 minutes)

Video x4+ Bikini Ab Ladder +Optional HBSGW7D6

*HBSG babes, do these 1x at the end of your workout today.


Active Rest & Recovery

30 minute LISS+ Bikini Ab Ladder +Optional HBSGW8D7

Meet your besties for brunch, go for a hike, do some yoga and stretch it out! Spend today letting your body relax and get ready for another amazing sweet of sweating it out and sharing it with your team!


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