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Give Yourself Some Serious Props!

You did it!!! We are so proud of you and you should be too! You totally rocked the #LSFplankful Challenge and proved to yourself just how strong you really are! You stuck with it through all the sweat, all the shaking and all the moments you thought you'd have to quit, but didn't! That's motivation! That's a determined women who won't let anyone stop her. That's the #TeamLSF I know and LOVE! Now let's build on that momentum with this weeks weekly workout schedule.This week i want you to focus on HYDRATING & Detoxing you body. Staying hydrated is always super important, but after a long holiday weekend it's even more essential. Drink 2-3 full water bottleseach day this week (approx 2-3 L) to help flush out toxins, get rid of belly bloat and get your body back in balance.

So Much YAY!

Sticking with a challenge for 2 weeks is impressive and it's just the beginning. I am all about rewarding yourself along the way to keep you motivated to keep going!

Today you'll get aFREE LSF tote with a surprise insidefrom me with any purchase of $65 or more in shop!

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No Cinnabuns here

If you follow the Hot Body Sweat GuideMondays (Day 1) each week are all about the legs and booty. We hit it hard the first day because lower body exercises work more muscles, burn more calories and set you up for an amazing week of workouts.

And just because it's November doesn't mean we can't work for those bikini buns all year long!?

The Plan

The Workout

Total Time: 15 minutes


Complete each video 2x

Detox Day

I feel 100% better when I am on track with my LSF Plan and I'm so ready to get back after it. I kept it pretty clean with healthy Guiltless recipes, but wine… So today I'm detoxing and reseting my body. Tomorrow I'm jumping back into the HBMP. Who's with me??

Healthy 1 Day Detox

My simple, clean and HEALTHY detox.

LISS Yourself!

When in doubt, do LISS! Low Intensity Steady State Cardio is the ONLY form of cardio that immediate burn into your fat storage while you workout. Great news since it's also the lowest impact workout you can do.

Spend 20-45 minutes walking, hiking, jogging or try this workout at the gym or on some stairs outdoors!

40 minute cardio workout, liss cardio, gym cardio, 3 cardio workouts that don't suck

Bye Santa Jiggle

The countdown to Christmas is on, but today we are waving good-bye to the belly full of jelly with these workouts!

The Workout

Total Time: 20 minutes


Complete 1x


Complete 1x

Eat Up

This was a great holiday morning breakfast, but is really great for any weekend! It's basically the same as one of my favorite Guiltless Guidebreakfasts sans crust.

no-bloat thanksgiving breakfast, paleo, gluten free

No-Bloat Thanksgiving Breakfast

Simple Healthy Breakfast

HIIT Me Baby One More Time

Love it or hate it, HIIT workouts are the BEST way to get serious results FAST! They shouldn't be done every day, but when you balance them into your routine correctly (like in the HBSG) you'll see just how amazing they are for your body.

The Workout

Total Time: 20 Minutes


Complete 4x

Just Chill

It's been a long week. Take this afternoon to go easy on your body with this After School (or work) workout routine + the HBSG Bikini Ab Ladder

The Workout

Total Time: Approx 20 minutes


♥ Complete 3x

Sweat It Out!

Ready to bring it?? Do this first thing in the morning and you will feel 10x better all weekend long!

Morning Matcha

Few of my favorite recipes that will give you a little kick in the morning.

5 Best Foods for Detoxing, detox foods, green tea for fat loss, how to lose weight, best foods for weight loss

Matcha: The New Craze and How to Love It

Do you love it as Matchas I do?

The Workout

Total Time: Approx 30 minutes


Total Time: 25 minutes

Complete 1x each


If you want your body to recover and build those tone muscles, you need an active rest day every week! Do this Yoga Flow and soak up all those little stretches!

The Workout

Total Time: 25 minutes


♥ Complete 2x

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