Week 3 Workout Schedule

Weekly workout. Your Week 3 Workout Schedule is Here!

Alright babes, it's time! Week 3 and the OFFICIAL kick-off of my favorite time of year, SUMMER! Your week 3 workout schedule is going to have you feeling strong, fit, and ready for whatever adventures you have planned!

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Monday 5:15 PST – Meal Preppin'

This week I am doing some SERIOUS meal prepping! Join me on Monday to see the top foods I prep and what I do to set myself up for a super successful week!

Before You Start this week…

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Get your motivation on & Commit to your check-ins! Post a pic (of anything!) on Instagram each day & use hashtag #TeamLSF. Posting helps you stay accountable, inspires all the LSF girls & gives you more chances to win prizes!

This month's prizes are all about SUMMER! Think sand in your toes, warm sun on your skin, bikinis, beachy waves – YASSS!

Start right now and post your #LSFMadeItMonday goal/update on IG. Writing it down and putting it out into the universe is a great way to make sure you stick to it! We've got your back, girlfriend.

NEW Hot Body Guides FAQ's!

If you're ready to make serious change and show off your strong, fit, confident self, grab your guides stat!

Repeat 3x (Workout Time 27 minutes)

If you're ready to make serious change and show off your strong, fit, confident self, grab your guides stat!

Repeat 2x (20 minutes)

Part of having good posture is having a strong core! Here's a little ab work for your Tuesday too!

Repeat 2x (10 minutes)

Repeat 4x (20 minutes with breaks)

Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockin' Everywhere! Let's sculpt those legs and butt, girl!

Repeat 4x (20 minutes with breaks)

Cardio bunny time!

Do 30-60 minutes of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio + the Hot Body Sweat Guide Bikini Ab Ladder!

We talk about LISS in the HBSG. It can be anything from a long walk, hike, light jog, fun cardio dance class, yoga, etc. The goal is to do something you actually ENJOY doing!

Woop woop! Grab your bestie and do this pre-happy hour HIIT. Sweat FIRST, then try some of the healthy #LSFApproved cocktails or mocktails!

Repeat 4x (20-25 minutes)


Yoga Sculpt Workout

Repeat 3x (30 minutes)

Complete 1x (10 minutes)

Today is your day to celebrate all your hard work this week! Spend time stretching, relaxing, and prepping your meals for the week! If you joined us LIVE on Monday, you know that you don't have to prep EVERYTHING, just the staples that take the most time and a few easy healthy snacks. This way you always have good "fast food" options ready to go!

You did it!!

Comment below with 1 Word that describes how you are feeling right now!

xoxo katie

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