To Eat Or Not To Eat: My Top 3 Pre-Workout Snacks


Pre-workout snacks. So the last two weeks in the Caribbean were amazing!

(I've been working on a little recap and workout I did for you that I'll post next week.) Even though we did get in some good workouts, I was eating and drinking more and differently than I normally do. It's vacation!

Getting home I was SO ready to hit it hard again. The first day back I went to the gym, unprepared and was too tried to do my "normal" workout. I was wrecked. I hit a wall and couldn't figure out why. Until…. I realized in an effort to "get back on track" I hadn't been eating enough carbohydrates with my breakfast.

This is a HUGE no no when working out girls.

You can workout all day long, but if you're not fueling your body with the right foods, at the right time, you won't see the results you want. PERIOD!

When it comes to a workout there is one thing you MUST have: Carbohydrates. I know, I know… Everyone is scared of carbs. I was the queen of carb free diets before I realized how wrong it was.

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It's all about the type of carbs you're eating andwhenyou eat them. Carbohydrates are burned first during a workout. If your body is lacking carbs (glycogen stored as glucose) it will turn to your muscles as a fuel source (nooooo!). You work hard for those muscles so don't let them go to waste!

Your best bet is to get some combination of complex carbs (slow digesting oatmeal or Ezekielbread) simple carbs (quick digesting fruits) and protein. Lots of girls make the mistake of eating just 30 minutes or so before their workout. The problem is your blood will be flowing to your stomach to digest the food rather than to your muscles that need it.

This means mid-workout cramping! No Thanks!

It will totallyinterrupt your workout and you won't use the food you just ate anyways. #WastedCalories

Instead, make sure you are eating around 1-2 hours before your workout to give yourself plenty of time to digest, so your body is ready to werk!

Alright now your like "Awesome Katie, so….what do I eat" Don't worry…I've got ya.

Here are 3 AWESOME Pre-Workout Snacks


Nut Butter Toast w/ Banana: This is a winning combination of both simple and complex carbs. Plus, the banana will give you a boost of energy and potassium. I like adding a bit of cinnamon as well! Just chose your favorite nut or seed butter and spread 1-2TBS on Ezekiel break or low sugar toast. Yum! Click HereFor Recipe.

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Smoothies:Smoothies and shakes are a greatway to get everything you need and take it on the go. I LOVE making them right now since it's been so flippin' hot! Checkout on of my favorite breakfast smoothie recipes HERE.For more of a snack version, pick a clean protein powder, add 1/4c rolled oats, 1/2 banana and/or 1c berries and your favorite non-dairy milk.Side note:Fruit is great, but too much of anything can be bad. And too much fruit equals too much sugar.

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Greek Yogurt & Granola:Greek yogurt is an AMAZING source of protein. I love adding my homemade granolaon top with some fruit to make it the perfect pre-workout snack! Get the recipe.

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