The Skinny On Belly Bloat

Let's talk belly bloat.

To me, there's nothing worse than your clothes not fitting right or feeling like you look heavy every time you look down. It's that blah feeling that all too often comes with being bloated. Ugh! I hate feeling down on myself, but being bloated really gets me!

That's why I wanted to talk about it. I brought my friend Yovana Mendozain so we could have a convo about this issue that I know a lot of us struggle with. Our goal is to arm ourselves and all of you with things we can do when we feel bloated to get over it faster! Plus, we've got some tips to help us all avoid getting bloated in the first place.Play00:00-16:45MuteSettingsEnter fullscreen

Why we get bloated

First, let's talk about why bloating happens. Some of its out of our hands (hellooooo, PMS!). But some bloating is absolutely caused by choices we make, like the food we're eating or the amount of physical activity we're giving our bodies. Drinking too many carbonated drinks (love me some La Croix, but still), eating foods to which we're even a little allergic, and even just eating too fast can all leave us with that dreaded belly bloat. Fat, salt, dairy, and artificial sugars are all bloat triggers, too.

The good news? You're not stuck with that extended belly! I talked to Yovana and we collabed to bring you top tips to reverse bloatingandto avoid it in the first place!!

How to avoid getting bloated

Okay, first off, let's talk about being proactive. My two key factors here are the same two key factors you're going to find me talk about pretty much everywhere. Can you guess what they are?? Yep, diet and exercise! But let's get more specific. Here are my top tips:

Try intermittent fasting.My first and biggest tip to avoid belly bloat centers around notwhatyou eat, butwhenyou eat. This is a GAME. CHANGER. If you wanna learn more about IF, I've got you covered! Check out my blogand vidon the topic.

Kick sugar out of your life!OMG, babe, I just can't encourage you enough to limit your sugar intake. It's actually theworst. It makes you feel super crummy and it totally contributes to belly bloat! If you're totally hooked on the sweet stuff, check out our Sugar Detox Guide. It's only a 7-day detox and it makes a huuuuge difference.

Fill your plate.Instead of trying to avoid a bunch of stuff to avoid getting bloated, focus on adding to your plate! Fill up with whole, nutritious foods and you won't have any space left for the junk that makes you feel bad later. You're not on your own with this, babe! Don't forget that we have suuuuch amazing meal plans and nutrition guidesto help you find whole, healthy recipes you love and the right food balance for your beautiful bod!

Get your sweat on.Regular exercise is so key in keeping your body feeling its best —including keeping the bloat at bay. HIIT workouts are awesome for making you feel great all over, but if you're really looking to target your stomach, try vacuums. Suck your stomach in as hard as you can for 10 seconds, then release and repeat. Work your way up, both in how long you hold the vacuum and in total reps, and you'll keep that tummy feeling tight!

How to fix bloating

My girl Yovana has soooo many good tips for dealing with that bloated feeling! For starters, she recommends more mindful eating. That means less snacking while you're working, studying, or watching TV and more time sitting and really enjoying your food. Slow down when you eat and really savor those flavors, babe!

She also had some beverage suggestions to help you banish bloat faster that Ilove. Here are her top drink picks:

Hot tea:Make a team with ginger, mint, and cinnamon. It helps your digestive system get moving so you can de-bloat faster. Drink this tea in the morning before you have anything else and at night before you go to bed to feel super awesome.

Green smoothie:This'll fill you up with nutrients while helping your body flush out excess water because it's a diuretic! Yovana makes her smoothie with celery, lemon, ginger, spinach, pineapple, and water. You can drink this as a snack or before breakfast.

Water:No, seriously. I know water seems crazy simple, but staying hydrated throughout the day tells your body it's going to get enough water. This prevents it from retaining water and helps you beat that bloat!

Elixir:Yovana makes this super yummy elixir with water, lemon, cayenne, stevia, and a little bit of apple cider vinegar. I love it after a meal or as a snack!

What are your fave tips for when you're feeling bloated? Lmk in the comments!

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