The LSF Daily 10 Minute Workout

10 minute workout. So I know a lot of you have recently noticed that there have been some changes to the Weekly Workout Schedule. So here is everything you need to know about the LSF Daily 10!

Allow me to (re)introduce the

♥ The LSF Daily 10 is a daily 10 minute workout meant to get you moving and started on your fitness journey.

♥ You can literally do ANYTHING – including one of our YouTube Videos! The goal is to get you moving for at least 10 minutes a day to help create a healthy habit.

Where do I find my Daily 10

You can download the LSF App for FREE to get your exclusive, step-by-step Daily 10 moves each day.

Start your 7-Day Trial for FREEto see what it's all about and access EVERYTHING! During the trial you'll have access to the premium LSF 3:1 circuit training program, #GOALS and progress tracking, rewards trophy case, full-length videos (HIIT, Barre Bootcamp, Yoga, etc), as well as various cardio workouts. Get Started HERE.

Note: If you choose not to continue after your 7 days, you can cancel your subscription and still have FREE access to your Daily 10, YouTube Library, & Challenges in the APP. 100% FREE.

Still want more? Download the appfor the full YouTube Video Library or visit my channel! Have questions? Check out this Q&A

Who are the Daily 10 for?

These moves are intended to help you gain confidence around your workouts and build a fitness habit. In other words, the Daily 10 is an AMAZING starting place if you are new to your fitness journey.

These moves are too easy! What should I do?

If you can easily complete over 3 rounds of these moves in ten minutes, you're ready for a new challenge! Time to download LSF the Appand start on your premium plan workouts!

These workouts are too hard for me. Help!

Be patient with yourself! Your muscles WILL get stronger and you WILL get better. The only way this happens is if you keep showing up. All I am asking is that you do as much as YOU can do in ten minutes. And if that's ten reps total? Fine! If you can truly say you have done your best, that's all I would ever want. Bringing your best everyday will bring change. That's a promise.

Comment below with any other Daily 10 questions you might have! And if you don't have any questions…time to go start on your Daily 10 moves for today?

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