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Love Sweat Fitness App Q+A

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We could not be more excited to share Love Sweat Fitness The APP with you!! We want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed in reaching your goals, so check out the FAQ’s below…

Q: Is the LSF App for me?

A: Uhhh, yes! The LSF app is for any woman looking to find a love for health and fitness. If you’re just starting out or have tried every fad plan out there, only to find that they didn’t work for you…this is your stop, babe. Maybe you just love yourself (or want to find that love!)…this is your app, too. #TeamLSF is so diverse and filled with amazing women who know that they deserve to feel strong and beautiful every day. This app was built with every single one of you in mind. If you want more than your average fitness app, you’ve found it here.

Q: Is the app available for Apple + Android?

A: Yes! Click here to download for either device.

Q: How much does the app cost?

A: The basic features of the app like your LSF Daily 10 and YouTube library are 100% free to download and access. Also, all users can access the premium features with a free 7-day trial. After your trial, the premium version of the app is $13.99 monthly, $11.99/month with a 3-month plan (save 10%), or $8.25/month with an annual plan (save 20%). Sooo you should probably go big and SAVE.  It’s so much cheaper than a gym membership (at LEAST $20/month cheaper), and 10000% more fun too. With the LSF app, you’ve got a personalized gym membership and don’t even have to leave your home! 💪

Q: What is the difference between the premium plan & the free workouts?

A: Your premium membership comes with ALL the good things…

  • A curated fitness plan for your fitness level
  • Exclusive full-length workout videos
  • Access to Spotify in the app while you get your sweat on
  • Bonus sweat workout challenges
  • A Personal Fitness Journal where you can track hydration, log your mood, self-care habits, and more!
  • Goals tracker where you can enter your goal weight, current measurements, weight, progress pictures, etc.
  • Get Rewarded with trophies and so, so much more!

Feeling basic? Well, with the free plan you will have access to the LSF Daily 10 moves, LSF YouTube library, free challenges, and weekly inspo.

lsf the app, app, fitness app, fitness, workouts at home, workouts apps for women

Q: How are the workouts structured?

A: The workouts are categorized by major muscle groups and the most effective cardio. Some days will be legs + booty, some will be focused on arms + abs, others cardio (yes, you can do it on the app with full length videos!!), etc! The workouts take about 30 minutes and can be done ANYWHERE! Plus, we even have a self love day focused on stretching, resting, recovering, and showing your body all the love it deserves! 😍

Q: Sooo you said there are cardio day options… please explain.

A: That’s right! You have the option to do a full length video from the app library or sweat solo. If you choose to sweat solo, there is a timer in the app with Spotify integration so you can continue using the app while doing your own cardio exercise and sweating to your fave beats. If you choose to do your cardio outside of the app, you can still log it in your workout log (ie. 45 minute spin class).

lsf the app, app, fitness app, fitness, workouts at home, workouts apps for women

Q: How often should I use the app?

A: Katie designed the app to be a tool to keep you motivated and inspired every single day. This doesn’t mean you need to be working out 24/7, we just want you following the plan each day (hint hint for major trophies and rewards). For example, on rest days, you will log your self care and journal, rather than a workout.

Q: How long are the workouts?

A: 30-45 minutes depending on your fitness level and the specific workout.

lsf the app, app, fitness app, fitness, workouts at home, workouts apps for women

Q: Is any equipment required or is it all body weight? 

A: The amount of equipment depends on your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Early levels can be done almost entirely with body weight to build endurance, strength, and balance. As you progress, weights and booty bands are introduced to up-level your workouts.

The plan itself will progress in difficulty and encourage you to increase weights as appropriate. A set of dumbbells and the LSF booty bands will have you set for success.

lsf the app, app, fitness app, fitness, workouts at home, workouts apps for women

Q: How often will there be new content?

A: The app is loaded with over a year’s worth of brand new workouts from the start! We will always be adding new workout content (including new videos) on the regular – both in the form of the free daily moves (updated weekly) to the LSF challenges, and obvi new fresh premium subscription workouts multiple times a year.

Q: Is the LSF app different than the HBSG?

A: Yes! In every single way! Not only will you have 365 days of brand new workouts specifically curated for YOUR fitness level, but Katie designed The LSF app to be more than just a workout plan – it’s a motivational experience! We’ve created the ultimate fitness game to keep you on track and seeing amazing results! Earn trophies for crushin’ your goals, grab bonus rewards along the way, and keep an eye out for tons of motivational surprises to keep you going. You’ve never worked out this FUN

Your LSF app walks you through your workouts, one exercise at a time with high quality videos, cardio sweat sessions you can do in the app or own your own, and easy access to bonus sweat challenges every single day!

See all the details here 

Q: Do I have to have the app to do the free challenges?

A: Yes, from now on, challenges will take place within the app! Don’t worry, they’re still 100% free and available to anyone with the app – premium subscription or not!

Q: Can I get the LSF Nutrition Plans in the app?

A: The app is currently focused on workouts and self care. For the ultimate transformation, we highly recommend pairing the app workouts with your Hot Body Meal Plan and Guiltless Nutrition Guide.

Q: Can the workouts be done anywhere?

A: Katie believes in making workouts for for you! So yes, the workouts are built to be done ANYWHERE with or without any equipment (depending on level) and in about 30-45 minutes a day.

Q: Are the workouts good for any level?

A: Yes, we’ve got all you babes covered with 3 different levels you can choose from – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We recommend starting on beginner and up-leveling if you feel you are ready. If you’re new to fitness, the beginner level will walk you through the moves so you can take it slow. This is YOUR workout, so go at your own pace. Start where you’re at and build up from there. If you’re a pro, or have already done the guides, try the intermediate level.

Q: How do I update levels within the app? 

A: Go to your profile, then click settings on the top left. From there, you can adjust your fitness level.

Q: Do I have to start the app on a Monday?

A: Nope. Everyone’s schedule is different, so do what works for you. When you open the app you will automatically start on Day 1 of your plan so you can jump in whenever you want.

Q: What if I miss a day or take a class outside of the app?

A: The app is designed to accommodate YOUR schedule. We get that some days you’ll want to do a cardio video, while others you’ll want to hit a spin class with your girls! On cardio days you’re working out outside of the app, you can select “Sweat Solo” to log your workout.

Q: How do I change or cancel my subscription?

A: If you signed up through the App Store or Google Play, you can manage your subscription directly from the store. If you signed up on the LSF site, click here to make any updates to your subscription.

Ready to get started!? Click here to download the app and start sweating with us!

Still Have Questions?

As always, feel free to email anytime. We’ve got all the answers for you babe.

lsf the app, app, fitness app, fitness, workouts at home, workouts apps for women

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SO happy to have the beautiful and motivational app, Katie!

What exactly is different when you change levels, from beginner to intermediate, and from intermediate to advanced?