The Gift Of You Time This Holiday Season!

Holiday Self-Care. Okay, I think that we can all agree this is one of the most fun times of the year.

I mean, what's not to like about cozy nights in, around a twinkling tree, tons of parties with friends and family, and time off work?! It's a ton of fun!! And — let's be honest — a ton of work. Like, I remember when I was a kid and the holidays were so fun and easy and all you had to worry about was whether or not Santa was gonna tick the items off your wishlist. But now… it's a whole different ballgame.

As an adult, the holidays are super busy with holiday shopping, decorating, parties upon parties, cooking, and more! So yes, it's a super fun time of year. But it can also be preeeetty stressful! So I'm trying to combat all of that hecticness with someseriousself-care.

Give yourself the gift of you-time

I know with a thousand things on your to-do list, it's super hard to take time for yourself during this time of year. So you know what I'm doing? I'm adding me-time TO my to-do list. Seriously, I'm scheduling it in. Seems kinda psycho, but it's honestly been a game-changer. So my #1 tip for you this holiday season is to not skimp on self-care by makingsureyou make time for it. Whatever that means to you — adding a block to your calendar, turning off your phone, heading on a solo hike — do it, babe! You deserve it!!

And I know it sounds selfish to take time for yourself in a season that's supposed to be centered on giving to others but, honestly, it's not. When you're totally frazzled and running on empty, spending time with people — even with people you love — is just more draining. But once you recharge, you can be the best version of yourself when you're with your friends and family this year.

So let's get to it! On top of carving out space in your calendar…

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Here are my top holiday self-care tips!

I hope they help you feel extra jolly this year!

Practice gratitude

This has been HUGE for me. Each time I take some time to myself, I try to make thankfulness a part of it. Like if I'm taking a bath, I'll think of three things I'm thankful for as the tub fills. Or if I'm getting on my workout grind, I try to return to gratitude whenever I'm feeling extra pushed because I'm thankful it's making me stronger! I think coming back to a place where you realize everything you have is so huge in centering, especially when things are busy like they are right now.

Remember the reason for the season

This time of year is supposed to be about giving and being with your loved ones. Don't let the craziness of shopping and travel and everything else keep you from forgetting that! Like, I know buying presents can be particularly stressful, especially with only a week left 'til Christmas! But whenever I'm feeling worried about it, I try to take a step back and remember that I'm buying this present because I care about this person and I want to bring a smile to their face!! It makes everything much more meaningful which def helps moderate the stress.

Stick to your guns

If you've been in a good routine, don't let the holidays wreck it! Keep your alarm set at the same time, stay on your workout plan, don't stop eating healthy — basically, stick with what you've been doing. Those healthy habits can give your body and brain the support they need to keep you feeling great all December long!! Plus, staying on track this month makes it soooo much easier to get going on your New Year's resolutions next month. Which, the way time flies these days, is seriously right around the corner.

Drink some water

I know, it seems crazy simple. But BABE, do it!! Water helps you fend off hangovers, makes you feel full so you don't overdo it at potlucks, and is just all-around awesome for you! Keep track of your water intake (there's a tracker in the LSF App to help!). It's a super easy way to do something good for yourself this holiday season!

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You deserve to take some time for yourself, girl. I know December is a wild month but, honestly, you'll enjoy it much more AND be much more productive if you just let yourself slow down when you feel like you need to. Taking a breather doesn't make you weak — and it'll make you stronger after! Take care of yourself, babe!!

And to help you out, our team at LSF built this Holiday Survival Guide. It's got a ton more self-care tips you can use to treat yourself right this month.

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