Sweat Babe Crush - Laura


Sweat babe crush. It's been a whole two weeks…but remember Spring Slim Down?

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Aka the best time of year and most inspiring challenge LSF has ever done? Ya! pretty sure we will quite literally never. be. over. it. We're still obsessing.

Last week we were so excited to announce the SSD grand prize winner, the beautiful Laura! We shared a little of her story on IG, but wanted to give your all the deets of her progress. Because, in case you didn't notice, Laura saw some amazing changes in her body (and in her LIFE!), and it caught our eye on day uno. So without further ado, we present our 2018 Spring Slim Down ULTRA Sweat Babe Crush, the lovely Laura (you may know her as @larsgonefit_lsf). But first, you should know…

Laura lost 7.5 pounds in five weeks and several inches from her body measurements overall!??Check out her before & after pics below!

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