Sweat Babe Crush ? Bree


Sweat babe crush. Can you believe it's week 3 of Summer Shape Up already?! Us either.

Time flies when you're getting fit? But we know the crazy hyped up feeling fades after a week or two. We're here to keep it going! Today, we're bringing you a MAJOR success story from the LSF community.

Meet Bree!

Name: Bree

Age: 21

Instagram handle: lsf_bree

How long have you been part of Team LSF?

I joined Team LSF over three years ago, the summer after I graduated high school.

What is your favorite LSF workout to do? and What's your favorite workout video of Katie's?

I love all the LSF booty workouts! They hit areas that I can never target by just lifting weights or toning with cardio. My favorite workout video from Katie is her Barre Booty Workout. This was the first time I did a barre workout and Ive loved it ever since!

What is your go-to LSF recipe?

My favorite recipe is for Katie's Stuffed Peppers. I love them because I can make them on the weekend and have enough for dinners the rest of the week. All I have to do is just pop them in the microwave and its ready to go. Its great when I have super busy weeks.

What is the hardest part of working out for you?

For me, the hardest part of working out is getting into a good routine. If I fall off the wagon it can be hard to get back into the swing of things. Once I get into a good routine though I love working out, it's a great stress reliever.

What is your problem zone?

When it comes to working out, my problem zone has always been my lower stomach. I don't always prioritize ab workouts because they are not my favorite, but I know I need to tone up my stomach. When it comes to nutrition, my problem area is staying away from sweets. It has always been my weakness!

What are 3 effects you have seen from using the LSF guides?

The most obvious effect I've had from the LSF guide has been losing almost 30 pounds!Other effects I have seen include the confidence I have gained. I feel so much better about myself and I'm living an overall healthier life. Lastly, I have found a true love for fitness. I get such a great feeling from pushing myself in my workouts now and watching my progress as I go. Exercise is my best stress reliever now and I am so grateful for it.

What made you want to decide to get the guides?

I enjoy having a plan and structure in my life, so the guides were a great way to stay committed to a program. The Hot Body Sweat Guide continually kept me on track and ensured my success to following through.

What is your best advice for other girls trying to start up a fitness routine?

Set aside time with a pen and paper and write out fitness goals and your reasons for wanting to make a lifestyle change. The only way to stay committed to a program is to have a plan and dedicate yourself to it. I printed off a fitness journal from the internet that included charts to track weightless and daily workout and food logs. It kept me accountable and continually reminded me of my short and long term goals.

What keeps you motivated?

Scrolling through Instagram and reading other LSF babe's stories has been a huge motivator. Watching my progress has also been a huge factor that keeps me going. The more I see results, the more I want to keep putting in the work.

Anything else you want to share with the LSF community?

Don't be hard on yourself when you don't see the results you're hoping for or get off track. LSF embodies what it means to live a healthy life and not just diet hardcore for a few weeks. It is a continuous journey and we're all here to do it together. Team LSF has been my continual support network and I would not be where I am today without Katie and all the other LSF girls!

Thanks for being such an inspiration, Bree! You are such a great example of how showing up every day makes a HUGE change over time. We have such a crush on you, babe!

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