Survive The Sweets At Your Holiday Parties


Survive holiday parties. You know how the holiday months go.

We're decking the halls with boughs of holly, and filling our bellies with every tasty treat that comes our way. Because there really are SO MANY that come our way.

We want to be able to enjoy the holidays. But with so many sweets and snacks constantly bombarding us, is it even possible to enjoy them and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle? YES!

How to Power Through the Holidays and Eat Like a Champ

You absolutely should NOT be miserable at a party just because you're trying to keep your sugar intake down girl! We want you to stay on track with your nutrition, but still be able to have an amazing time!

Host it Yourself

One great way to stay in control of that party you're going to? Host the party yourself. When you're the one in charge of setting out the holiday treats, you can set up ways to have tasty yet healthy options. You can even create a whole theme around learning how to indulge while still feeling great!

Never Go Hungry

You're trying to eat well, but your stomach is rumbling…. That's when the double decker cheesecake and the pigs and a blanket are placed on the table… and before you know it your plate is piling up. Noooo! Girl, you'll have a much harder time being successful in eating well when you're showing up to your party with an empty stomach! Arriving when you're starving is setting yourself up to fail, and no one wants that. Instead, eat a well portioned snack at home BEFORE the party and you'll be able to help yourself from losing control with other food.

Stick to One Dessert

Maybe the main dishes aren't too bad: some salad here, some turkey there. You can stay on track by picking and choosing the good things on the table. But if you're trying to cut back on your sugar intake, when it comes to that dessert table, everything is dangerous! You can still indulge, but don't load up your plate. Choose the dessert on the table that you absolutely love the most! When you're finished eating, you can appreciate that you were able to eat your favorite thing but didn't go overboard with an unnecessary amount of food. Win!

Eat Slower

Often, when you're enjoying yourself at a party, you don't even realize what you're eating. Before you know it, your food has disappeared off your plate. Time for seconds then, right? Wrong! Savor your food, and actually pay attention to what you're putting in your mouth. This will help signal to your brain that you're full, and leave you feeling more satisfied. You can also choose a seat that's farthest away from the buffet table, which will make you have to think twice before loading up your plate again.

Lay off the Alcohol

Your drink actually might be the main villain when it comes to spiking your meal with extra sugar. Pay attention to what you're drinking – if it's super sweet, it might have too much sugar in it! Even if you're not drinking something sugary, too much alcohol might weaken your self-control, and you'll wind up eating more than you had planned anyway.

This all being said, we know the holidays are a time with so many tasty foods made by loved ones and sometimes you gotta just indulge! We all do it, and there's nothing wrong with it. Celebrate the season and have an amazing time babe! Just make sure the next morning you're up doing your workout in the LSF Appor a quick workout from the Holiday Survival Guideto burn it all off ? xoxo

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