Summer Shape Up Week 6


Free workout schedule. Welcome to the Summer Shape Up Week 6!

In case you missed it last week, we have a brand new Vegan coconut probiotic yogurt recipe for you aaaannnndd all the deets on hip dips. Try the recipe out this week and remember, those hips don't lie ? Here's your free workout schedule!

  • Make your own plant-based parfait to help

*Follow the workouts below. The times and round are suggestions. If you need more time, take it! If you can do more rounds, do them! You do you! If you have the Hot Body Sweat Guide see the second option for your daily workout.

Lower Body Blast

Grab your booty bandsbabe!

Workout Time (30+ minutes)

Lower Body Problem Areas Vid x4


Video x1 to warm up + HBSGW6D1

Sometimes Mondays are a day spent just getting back into the groove of things. TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY! Share one way you felt prepared (got after it with that meal-prep on the weekend? got your workout in early this morning? made a schedule for the week?). Give your team an #LSFMadeItMondaytip to help them #thrive just like you!

Byyyyyeeeee Back Fat

**NEW Bra Bulge + Back Fat Workout Video Posted to YouTube on Monday August 13th**

Time (32+ minutes)

New Video x4



Tuesday Treat! Make your fave post-workout snack + post! Bonus points: Use the HBMPor Guiltless Guide! #LSFTuesdayTreat

Sexy Summer Arms + Abs

Workout Time (15+ minutes)

Exercises Below x3


HBSGW6D3 + SSU Bikini Ab Ladder

week 6, summer shape up week 6

Army Crawlers x8 each side

Start in a plank. Lower down to your right forearm, then left. Push through your right hand, then your left, to return to full plank position. Repeat, starting on opposite side.

week 6, summer shape up week 6

Standing Side Crunch x15 each side

Take a sight bend in your right knee, stepping your left leg out to the side. Reach your arms overhead and you lean slightly to the right side.Raise your knee and lower your hands to meet at center.

week 6, summer shape up week 6

Tricep Dips x15

Start with straight arms, seated on the floor hips raised. Bend your elbow to lower yourself to the floor until elbows are at 90 degrees .Press into your hands to straighten your arms and come back to starting position.

week 6, summer shape up week 6

Side Plank Toe Tap x10 each side

Start in a full side plank, shoulder stacked over wrist. Slide your bottom leg forward, then engage your core to lift your foot off the floor. Lower your arm and try to touch your leg in the middle.

**?Option to do oblique crunch for a modification?**
summer shape up series, love sweat fitness summer shape up 8 week challenge week, summer shape up week 1

Sooo… remember those army crawlers you just did? And loved? *BONUS ROUND* How many more can you do? Share + challenge a friend to a fun mid-week competition!

Dance Dance Dance

Workout Time (20+ minutes)

Video x4


Video x2 to warm up + HBSGW6D4

~Throwback Thursday~ Rewind to the beginning of SSU! Scroll back on your LSF IG and repost one of the first pix you put up, along with a current pic that shows the amazing progress you've made!This can beseriouslyanything– transformational pix, selfies, etc! Let your team know how you are feeling RN compared to the beginning of the challenge –mentally + physically.

Barre Bootcamp Burn

Workout Time (30+ minutes)

Video x4


1x to warm up + HBSGW6D5

Let's talk weekend plans. Share in a story or post + tag your squad. Be looking out for your girls' posts and comment different ways they can squeeze that workout in! Share your free workout schedule with them!

LISS Cardio

Workout Time (30-60 minutes)

Yoga Sculpt x4


Bikini Ab Ladder + HBSGW6D6

Sweat n' Shufffle Saturday: share one of your fave beats from one of the SSU playlists! A simple way to do this is to open the song on Spotify -> click"share" -> then "instagram story"! Easy!

Prep + Stretch

Foam Roll + Stretch (15 minutes)


SSU Bikini Ab Ladder + HBSGW6D7

Oh week 6, we just owned you!!

free workout schedule

Self-love Sunday! What's one thing you LOVE about yourself + one thing you LOVE about a babe (or babes) in your squad?! Share + spread the love.

*DW about submitting your team again this week… just e-mail us at by Monday (8/20) if you have any updates/changes to your team!*

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