Summer Shape Up Giveaway


Summer Shape Up Giveaway, 8 week fitness challenge

We are so happy Summer Shape Up 2020 is finally here and we know you girls are too! These 8 weeks are going to be all about connecting with your body, building that inner confidence and making new friends within the #TeamLSF community.

We're so excited to partner with GT's Kombucha to help you #LetYourLightShine this summer! And these Summer Shape Up Giveaways are going to get you even more motivated to crush it!

summer shape up giveaway

Okay….are you ready to hear all the incredible prizes you could win and how to win them?? Take a seat. Buckle Up. Let's get into all the deets for your Summer Shape Up Giveaway! There are lots of them!!!

(1) Grand Prize Winner:

We are choosing 1 grand prize winner who shows up everyday for herself and for the Team LSF community! She is that girl that is constantly checking in, giving us all the inspiration and wears her heart on her sleeve!

Prize Package Includes:

  • $1,000 Cash Prize to create your own at home oasis (ummm can we come over?!)
  • iPhone 11 + Free year to the app! Keep bringing those sweaty selfies all year long!
  • 1 Year Supply of GT's Kombucha
  • $250 to Summer Water + Exclusive View Master
  • $500 in Swimwear from Dippin' Daisies, get ready to rock your bikini body, girl!
  • $500 in from FACIALWORKS skincare, glow baby glow!
  • $500 to Victoria's Secret

Summer Shape Up Giveaway Runners-Up

You know we couldn't just have one big prize! There are so many of you that will be crushing this challenge, we had to add in more amazing prizes.

2nd Place:

  • A Theragun to massage all those hard working muscles! ($600 value)
  • $250 in from Dippin' Daisies so you are ready to show off all your hard work from this challenge!
  • $250 in FACIALWORLS skincare to give you an at home spa session!
  • $60 to Summer Water to celebrate crushing your goals!
  • 6 month subscription to LSF the App! Let's get your sweat on even after the challenge!
  • $250 to Victoria's Secret

3rd Place:

  • A FitBit to track even more of your progress in the LSF App!
  • $250 in Dippin' Daisies swimwear so you can strut your stuff!
  • $250 in FACIALWORKS skincare to totally pamper yourself this summer!
  • $60 to Summer Water to bring the party to you!
  • 3 month subscription to LSF the App! We want to see you continue to crush your workouts!
  • $250 to Victoria's Secret

….and even more Runner Ups!

For this Summer Shape Up giveaway, these babes will be winning our favorite skin care and beauty products, plus exclusive LSF goodies!

  • Sweaty Selfie Queen: This babe posts tons of sweaty selfies & totally owns her sweaty self after crushing her workouts in the LSF App!
  • Hydration MVP: For the girl who sends the water chug challenge left & right, keeping us all glowing and feeling our best!
  • Master Chef: This girl knows how to cook guiltless and knows how to capture that photo that makes us all want to come over for a dinner party!She loves using her LSF Meal Plans!
  • LSF Bad*ss Mom: This woman is the ultimate multitasker. Crushing workouts, being the best mom ever and showing how important it is to take care of yourself, too!
  • OMG Transformation: This girl worked her booty off and it SHOWS. She followed the meal plans, workouts and showed up for herself each & everyday.
  • Energizer Bunny: This girl is the ultimate Team LSF Cheerleader! Her energy is absolutely electric and her number 1 priority is spreading positivity, sharing everyone's progress, commenting and being there if you need a friend.
  • Fierce & Fabulous Front Line Worker: This woman is still getting her sweat on while being a selfless essential care worker!
  • Cutest Furry Workout Friend: This babe has the cutest furry friend that is always popping into her sweat seshes and it totally makes our day!
  • Studious and Working it: For the girl that is crushing college classes & checking off workouts everyday!
  • Extra AF: This girl is always making her workouts as extra as possible! She does every bonus move, app workout, video, Live, and Daily 10.
summer shape up giveaway

Wanna win this amazing summer prize?! We're giving you the how to plus extra tips below! Stay committed for 8 weeks and YOU could be the grand prize winner!!


Take your "before" photos on day 1 and just wait…. You'll never believe the progress you'll see at the end of this challenge when you take your "afters!" Find an easy "how to" guide here.You'll share your before and after pics on the last day of the challenge so we can see those amazing #lsftransformations! Crush your Summer Shape Up challenge and have the ultimate transformation and YOU could be the Grand Prize winner!


Follow @LoveSweatFitness + @TeamLSF on Instagram and tag us in your daily #LSFRollCall check-ins! Pssst, don't forget to use #LSFSummerShapeUp too! Be the girl that cheers for all your Team LSF babes success throughout the challenge and keep that IG active af!


Build lean muscle, burn fat, and feel amazing in your beautiful body with the perfect fitness program! Complete your LSF Premium Workouts, Daily 10 and Bonus moves every day in the LSF App! Share those cute sweaty selfies and your workout success on the gram!


And don't Forget...

  • Make your LSF IG account. Follow @LoveSweatFitness + @TeamLSF on Instagram and make sure you're tagging us in your daily check ins! Pssst, don't forget to use #LSFSummerShapeUp as well!

HINT: We'll be doing mini giveaways throughout the challenge to motivate girls who have been following their printable calendars from the SSU Sweat Starter! So keep that IG active AF!

The #TeamLSF Community is so excited to meet you!

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