Step By Step Exercises For Beginners


Exercises for beginners exercises for beginners. My goal is to make a healthy lifestyle fun and easy for everyone.

Part of that is creating exercises that anyone can do, almost anywhere. I am living proof you do NOT need a gym membership in order to get, and stay, in shape. I lost the bulk of my weight at home with a small set of dumbbells and some running shoes. Of course now I spend most days atthe gym, but I guaranteeyou can see great results if you are dedicated and consistent at home.

I build workouts that are appropriate for all fitness levels and always try incorporate modifications for beginners, and those who are more advanced. My biggest bit of advice I can give anyone is

Listen To Your Body & Don't Be Afraid of Weights!

I love mixing up traditional functional trainingwith weight training, circuits, intervals and other high energy exercises. I want to be sure that EVERYONE can pick one of my workouts and get started without too much hassle. To make it even easier I thought it would be helpful to share a step-by-step guide to some of my favorite exercises! Soon you will be able to find these Step By Step Exercises For Beginners, along with many others, in my "workout" section.

I want to know what you are curious about. Is there an exercise you just don't get and would like me to add? The Turkish Get Up? Sumo Squats? Frog Hops? Or maybe it's the Army Crawler?Let me know in the comments belowso I can make sure I get them all up here for you! For FULL work outs

Step By Step Exercises


  • Start Standing with Feet Hip Distance
  • Hop Down and Back Into a Plank
  • Hop Knees Forward
  • Exhale and Come Back to Standing
  • CHALLENGE: Explode into a Jump


  • Start with Feet Hip Distance Apart
  • Weight Back in Your Heels
  • Sit Back and Down, Lowering to Bring Hips in Line with Knees
  • Keep Chest Lifted andKeep Knees Stacked Over Heels
  • Push Through Heels to Come to Standing and Squeeze Booty at the Top
Katie Squat

Squat With A Shoulder Press:

  • See "Squat" Above
  • Bring Weights to Shoulders as You Sit Into Squat
  • Exhale and Press Weights Overhead as You Stand

Romanian Dead Lift:

  • Feet Hip Distance Apart
  • Slight Bend In the Knees, Shins Verticle
  • Keep Hips Pushed Back and Back Straight
  • Keeping Back and Arms Straight, Use Hips to Lift Bar (Exhale) Squeeze Booty at Standing
  • Press Hips Back, Slightly Bend the Knees to Lower Weights or Barbell Back Down
  • Use Slow, Controlled Motion
Katie Dead Lift

Butterfly Crunch:

  • Laying on Your Back, Press Soles of the Feet Together to Touch, Knees Open Wide
  • Hands Rest Behind Your Head, Elbows Out Wide
  • Draw the Belly Button Into the Spin, Zip Up the Rib Cage
  • Exhale as You Lift the Shoulders Off of The Ground
  • Lower Back Down One Inch on the Inhale and Repeat
  • CHALLENGE: Lift and Lower Feet with the Crunch

Bicycle Crunch:

  • Laying on Your Back, Bring Knees to a Table Top Position
  • Rest Hands Behind Head with Elbows Open Wide
  • As You Exhale, Lift Right Shoulder Off the Mat, Crossing to Meet Left Knee at Center While Right Leg Elongates to Hover
  • Switch to Opposite Side (Left Shoulder to Right Knee) and Repeat
Katie Bicycle Crunches

Single Leg Lunge

  • Begin Standing with Feet Hip Distance
  • REVERSE LUNGE: Step Foot Back
  • FORWARD LUNGE: Step Foot Forward
  • Hands Can Be at Side, Holding Weights or Barbell
  • Step Leg About Two Feet From Stationary Leg
  • Do Not Allow Knee to Move Forward Over the Toes
  • Push Through Heel to Come Back to Standing and Repeat

Plank Jacks

  • Start in Plank Position
  • Keep Hips and Booty Down in Line with Heels and Crown of the Head
  • Jump Feet Apart About 2 Feet
  • Exhale and Jump Feet Back Together
  • Repeat In and Out

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