Summer Workout Playlist – Part 2


workout playlist. Ok so a few MAJOR questions for you. First, How the heck are we already in August?

Like people are already going back to school (which is super weird). And secondly, how are we about to jump into the second half of Summer Shape Up?

It's been a wild 4 weeks and things are about to get even better. But first, I have to say, If you haven't started yet, feel like you've fallen off the wagon, or just generally haven't given it your all, IT'S NOT TOO LATE!! Now is the time. Recommit to yourself, your dreams, and your chance to win that trip to Cali!

So obviously, to help make sure you have all the booty shaking inspo you need, we have a brand new Sweat Jams Playlist for you! @AliRoseAllDay put this one together to make sure you're crazy motivated going into the next four weeks! Get your sweat on to this fun summer workout playlist! If you have any fun workout songs you can't live without, let us know! We love jamming out to new songs!

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