Spring Slim Down Week 5


Free workouts.  

Work that Boo-tay!

Workout Time (20 minutes)

Exercises 1-2x to warm up + Video 2x+ Optional HBSG W5D1

*HBSG babes, do the exercises 1x as an added bonus to your Sweat Guide workout!

Dolphin Tails x10

Start on your stomach legs long behind you.

Squeeze your glutes to lift legs an inch or two off the ground.Bend your knees and press your heels toward the sky.

Straighten legs, lower and repeat.

Squat w/ Kickback x20

Start with feet wide. Squat down low keeping your weight in your heels.

As you push to standing, engage your glutes and kick on leg back.

Squat again kicking the opposite leg this time.

Bear Squats x20

Start in table stop. Lift your knees to hoover off the ground an inch or two.

Keep your feet glued to the floor, but sit your hips back toward your heels.

Engage your glutes to shift forward to starting position. Repeat moving quickly.

Bridge Lift Crunch x10 (each Side)

Start on your back, weight in your left heel, right leg extended long.

Press through your heel to lift your hips and extended leg off the ground.

Crunch knee in, extent leg out and lower back to starting.


Oooooooo those booty bands just get me every time!

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

It's #LSFMadeitMonday!! Post a picture and share what your #1 challenge is this week. Short on time? Friends birthday dinner? PMS? Ask your accountability squad to help you stay on track by checking in on the daily with you! Friends don't let friends get off track the last week of the challenge…or EVER!

NEW Hot Body HIIT to Push Past Plateaus

**Video will be uploaded to YouTube on Monday 4/30**

Workout Time ( approx. 25 minutes)

Video 4x+ Optional HBSG W5D2

*HBSG babes for 1-2 rounds at the end of your Sweat Guide cardio today.

Like + Comment on this video on YouTube with your how you feel when you're done.
♥ Accountability Challenge♥
Share your favorite sweat jam with your accountability partner. Then go to the LSF Spotifyand ADD YOUR FAVORITE SONG to our new Team LSF Playlist!

Arms + Abs

Workout Time (20-30minutes)

Each Video 2x + Optional HBSGW5D3

*HBSG babes add 1 round of each to the end of your Sweat Guide workout today.

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

Mid-week check in! Post how your week is going for your #lsfrollcall check-in today. Where are you at with your goal? What can we support you on to help you get through the week? Share yours then go give your accountability squad some love!


Workout Time (30 minutes)

30-60minutes LISS Cardio + Optional HBSGW5D4

Try My Favorite LISS Cardio Workout!

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

We are inching our way to the finish line and after you finish your workout I want you to take time to treat yourself! Share your favorite way to show yourself some love with your team on IG (cooking, bath, massage, etc.) Check-in with your partner(s) to make sure they did something for themselves today too!  

Happy Hour HIIT

Workout Time (20-25 minutes)

Video 4x + Optional HBSGW4D5

*HBSG babes add 1 round to the end of your Sweat Guide workout today.

♥ Accountability Challenge♥
Friday dance party! If you watch my stories you know Ryan and I have dance parties on Friday nights (sometimes friends pop in too!) Life's to short not to dance!
Blast your favorite song rn and get your dance on! In your car – this is always my fave- , in your room, or wherever you are just move your body to get that final boost of motivation! Comment on your squads #lsfrollcall check-in with?when you're done!

Push It Real Good!

Workout Time (25-30minutes)

Video 1-2x to warm up + 3 rounds of the exercises below + Optional HBSG W5D6

*HBSG babes, do 1-2 rounds of the gif exercises before your LISS today.

High Knees x30

From Standing, engage your core and drive your knees up, alternating sides.

Donkey Kicks x12 (each side)

Plank your hands on the floor, shoulders stacked over wrists.

Step one foot slight back behind the other and engage your core to kick up with the straight back leg, keeping front knee slightly bent.

3 Point Plank Hops x10

From plank, hop your feet toward your right hand, crunching your abs in.

Hop back to plank, then to the left, then back to plank. That's 1 rep.

Grand Plié Squat Jumps 15x

Start in a wide squat, heels in, toes pointed out.

Push off the toes to explode up, landing softly with weight in heels.

Burpee x15

From plank, hop your feet forward and immediately come to standing or jump.

Plank your hands back on the floor and hop back to plank.

Accountability Challenge♥

Today is the day to celebrate! Celebrate your bodies, your health, and new friendships made! Shout out your accountability partner today and share how they helped you this challenge!

Abs + Pics

Time (15 minutes)

HBSG Bikini Ab Ladder (or exercises below) + Progress Photos!

If you don't have the HBSGyet, there is literally no better time to start than right now. You've been working so hard and I want you to fully experienceyour healthiest, happiest life ever! If you want to keep crushing those goals and overcome your plateaus, do not wait! You'v got this babe!

Do the bikini ab ladder first, then take your progress pictures. I recommend doing this first thing in the morning to get those abs poppin' and really see your progress!

Wide V Toe Tap x20

On your back, bring your legs into a wide V or straddle.

Lift your shoulders off the floor and reach to tap the opposite hand to toe.

Butterfly Reverse Crunch x20

Bring feet together, knees opened wide and hands behind head.

Exhale and crunch knees to elbows. As you lift your hips, begin to straighten your legs pushing toes toward the sky.

Bend knees and open and you lower back to start.

Boat Pose Twist 30x (each side counts as 1)

Start seated on the floor. Lean back keeping chest lifted and core engaged.

Keep feel on the floor or challenge yourself and lift them. Twist side to side.

Side Plank Hip Lifts x 20 (each side)

Start in side plank. Lift your hips up an inch and down an inch.

Transformation pictures

Time to take those #lsfprogress photos! Remember the details from your  pic.When you take your pic, you'll want to be in the same lighting, with the same background, in the same outfit. That's the best way to really SEE the changes before your eyes?.

Start the LSF Lifestyle!

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

Comment on your accountability partners #lsfrollcall and share what you're most grateful for from the #lsfspringslimdown

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