Spring Slim Down Week 3


Weekly workouts. This is where the change happens…

It takes 21 days to create a new habit and you're almost there. At the end of this Spring Slim Down Week 3 schedule you're going to be feeling yourself like whoah! I want you to snap a quick progress photo so you can see where you're at after 2 weeks. I know you're feeling it, now it's time to keep it up so you can start seeing it! And if you haven't downloaded your Hot Body Meal Plan, there is not better time than right now to get started! You can't out-train a bad diet, and getting your nutrition on point is going to get you those results even faster. I see a Fabletics shopping spree in your future babe!

Booty Babe

Workout Time (25 minutes)

4 Rounds of the Video + Optional HBSG W3D1

*HBSG babes, do these moves x1 to warm after your sweat guide workout!

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

Use the hashtag #LSFMadeitMonday on your sweaty selfie and comment "sweat it out, girl" on your accountability partners photo!

No Equipment Arm Fat Workout

**Video will be uploaded to YouTube on Monday 4/16**

Workout Time (25 minutes)

4 Rounds of the Video + Optional HBSGW3D2

*HBSG babes for 1-2 rounds before your workout today.

Like + Comment on this video on YouTube with "TeamLSF Arms" when you're done.

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

Girlllll your arms are stronger than you know! After your workout I challenge you to a push up competition. You'll be warmed up and ready to go!

Post how many you can do in a row for your #lsfrollcall then tag your accountability partner to see who can do more, for a little friendly competition & motivation to keep pushin'?

Abs + Arms Toning

Workout Time (20-30minutes)

2 rounds the video + 2 rounds of exercises below + Optional HBSGW3D3

Arms Moves

Plank Walks x16

From full plank, keep feet planted and walk right hand forward and inch, then left.

Move right hand then left back to starting.

Use an LSF booty band for added resistance!

Tricep Dips x 15

Start in a reverse table top. Bend elbows to 90 degrees as yo lower your hips.

Press into your hands and squeeze your triceps as you straighten your arms.

Narrow Arm Push-Ups x15

From plank, keep elbows tight to your side body and pointed back as you lower.

Why You Should Never Do a Juice Cleanse

Get the deets on why juice cleanses DO NOT work for weight loss!

♥ Accountability Challenge♥
Tell your accountability partner one goal you want to accomplish by next Wednesday! Drink more water? Hit every workout? Spend more time with people you love? Comment on her last post & and tell her now!

Cardio Dance Day

Workout Time (15-20 minutes)

4 Rounds of the Video + Optional HBSG W3D4

*HBSG babes for 1-2 rounds before your workout today.

Magical Chia Pudding

This Blue Magic Chia Puddingis an amazing grab and go breakfast recipe and perfect for warmer spring mornings!

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

Time to take a little peek at those "before" picture kinda like a #tbt and see how far you have come! Find your squads starting photos and comment with some love &encouragementto keep going strong!

Full Body Sculpt

Workout Time (20-30 minutes)

Exercises 3-4 rounds + Optional HBSG W3D5

*HBSG babes, do these moves as a bonus at the end of your workout

Plank Knee Taps x 15 (each side)

From forearm plank, keep core tight as you bend one knee at a time to "tap" the floor.

Lunge to Squat x 15 (each side)

Start in a lunge, knee stacked over ankle. Open into a wide squat and repeat

Dolphin Push-Ups x 15

Start in forearm plank with hands interlaced.

Lift your hips up toward the sky and lower back to forearm plank.

Bicycle Crunches x30

On your back, lift your shoulders off the mat to twist opposite elbow to knee.

Lateral Lunge Jumps x10 (each side)

Start in a side lunge. Hop up and over to the other side, landing in a side lunge.

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

It's FRI-YAY! Treat yo self with some #lsfapproved snacks and drinks! Comment on your squads last #lsfroll call check-in and see what she's doing to treat herself. Maybe try the newavocadomuffins…

Abs + Booty
Workout Time (20 minutes)
3-4 Rounds of the Exercises + Optional HBSGW3D6 Hot Body 100

*HBSG babes, do 2 rounds of these moves before your LISS today.

Gran Pli Squats x15

Start in a wide squat, heels in, toes pointed out.

Keep your weight in heels and you sit deep, pressing knees open.

Scissors x30

Lying on your back with hands behind your head or under your tailbone.

Lift your feet off the floor, engage your core and scissor crossing top over bottom.

Clam x 15-20 (each side w/ or w/o bands)

Come onto your side, knees bent.

Keep ankles together as you squeeze and open knees.

Side Plank Hip Lifts x 15 (each side)

Start in side plank. Lift your hips up an inch and down an inch.

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

Babe that booty's looking good! Comment on your squads #lsfrollcall check in with the?and tell 'em how you're feeling after the workout today!

Active Rest / Self-Care Sunday

Time (20 -30 minutes)

Strech, Foam Roll, Meal Prep & RELAX

Take 20-30 minutes to take care of YOU! You've worked hard all week and I want you to take time to unwind and get ready for another incredible week.

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

Comment on your accountability partners check-in with "I'm Proud of You" Then remind them how important self-care is and hare your favorite way to relax after a long week of serious sweat! Maybe a massage, mani/pedi or sitting poolside with some bubbles and your besties!

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