Spring Slim Down Week 1

fitness plan. Yaaas girl! Today is the day!

The one where you set amazing new goals and start to totally crush them before Summer sneaks up! I want you to experience the feeling of throwing on a swim suit or even shorts and feeling completely comfortable and confident and that is what this challenge is going to do for you! If you're sticking to your LSF Nutrition Plans and committing to your workouts, you WILL feel and see the changes. Now let's get into one of our fav fitness plan..!!

spring slim week 1

I'm going to be doing these 3 things throughout the ENTIRE challenge and I want you to do them with me. More Accountability = More Commitment = More Change!

♥ Following the LSF Nutrition Plan(doing HBMP weeks 3+4 to prep for Coachella!)

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♥ Doing my LSF App premium fitness Plan + Daily 10 + New videos!

♥ Posting daily for my #LSFrollcallCheck-ins!

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