Sleigh The Holiday 2019


It's here!!! Sleigh the Holiday 2019 kicks off November 25th and we CAN'T WAIT

We know you ladies are going to absolutely crush this challenge and stay movin' all holiday season!

This FREE 4-week challenge has everything you need to stay motivated through the busy holiday season and all the treats and goodies to enjoy and destress! We're keeping it Merry and Tight this season while still being able to enjoy everything you love about the holidays (helloooo Christmas cookies!)

Sleigh the Holiday 2019 STARTS NOVEMBER 25TH!

sleigh 2019


?FREE 4 week targeted workout plan with new body part specific moves every week

?8 NEW exclusive videos in the LSF App

?Healthy versions of your fave holiday treats and sweets

?Phone backgrounds to get you in the holiday spirit

?Daily 10 + challenge tracking in the LSF App

?Incredible weekly giveaways to make your season Merry and Bright

?NEW printable calendars every week sent straight to your inbox

PLUS we have something sooo exciting to share with you soon… let's just say your holidays will never be the same after this. In a good way. What are you waiting for babe?? Grab your girls and sign up for Sleigh the Holiday 2019!

sleigh 2019

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