Our Fave Podcasts + Audio Books For Holiday Travel


Podcasts and audio books for travel. It's finally slowlyyyy becoming cozy weather in Southern California.

And I am HERE FOR IT. I loooove getting out my comfy sweaters and having an excuse to sip hot drinks all day long. And when I throw on said comfy sweater and curl up with said hot drink, there's seriously nothing like settling in with a good book. Amiright? And sure, who doesn't love a fun novel? But lately, I've been super into diving into reads that help me up my game.

And even when I don't have the luxury of a ton of free time (which is, like, always), I'm into growing myself with audiobooks and podcasts. Through the past few weeks when I was training for a half marathon, tuning into something that challenges me mentally can help me tune out some of the physical challenge of adding miles to my routine. They also would be ahhmazing to listen to during all of the new Sleigh the Holidaybonus moves in the LSF App, instead of the same playlist for the thousandth time, ya know?

Plus, with all the travel that comes with this holiday season, having a good audiobook or podcast to listen to is a lifesaver. So it's time to get your listening list curated! We have some audiobooks and podcasts we've all been loving here at the LSF office. Check them out and you'll have plenty to keep you entertained no matter how much traveling you have ahead of you this holiday season!

Our fave audiobooks rn

Look, don't get us wrong. We're all about diving into a great romance novel or the lastest YA chart-topper. But since LSF has been in such a growing season, a lot of our team has been super into books that are helping us become our best selves. I mean, readings always great, but it's pretty cool to finish a chapter and think,Wow, I learned so much!It's like school without the stress!!

Here are a few of the audiobooks we've been recommending around the office. We don't know why they all have crazy long titles, but don't let that throw you off. Most of them are pretty easy, page-turning reads — we're not throwing the encyclopedia at you here babe, we promise!

Check 'em out and get ready to rock 2020!

The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

Uh, has anyone else out there noticed that success doesn't necessarily equal happiness? Which is crazy, right, because so many of us are practically killing ourselves trying to be successful! But psychological studies have actually shown that happiness makes you more successful, not the other way around. So how do we become happy? Pretty freaking big question, right? This book helps you learn how to practice positivity — and the guy who wrote it is an expert in the field and a Harvard researcher and lecturer so you gotta assume he knows his stuff.

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be

Do you believe any lies about yourself? Does self-doubt ever hold you back? Have you ever felt like you're just not cutting it? No?? Okay, wow babe, we are IMPRESSED. But seriously, if you've ever just wanted a little boost of self-confidence, this audiobook is so fab. It's an easy, engaging listen and you'll finish it feeling empowered to stop believing the lies that are holding you back from a totally full, happy life!

How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World

If you're into expanding your general knowledge (trivia mavens, we salute you), this audiobook is for you. It delves some of the crazy stuff that's made our modern world. Some you probably expect, like glass and light, but some seriously rocked our world. Who knew the invention of a way to capture cold totally changed the game in how we live and eat?? It's a pretty fascinating book and it'll def give you plenty to talk about if you get stuck making awkward small talk with relatives over the holidays.

Our fave podcasts rn

If you're not ready for a full-scale audiobook — or you just already have a personal reading list that's a mile long — we've still got you, girl. These podcasts are a super fab way to grow yourself with an hour of your time or less. Tune in!

GirlBoss Radio

Wanna feel inspired? This podcast interviews someseriouslyamazing women. The convos are pretty candid and you'll get a really good look at how these ladies are pulling off crazy cool careers and balancing them with their personal lives.

Almost 30

Do you ever shudder when your birthday approaches? Babe, I'vebeenthere. Your 20s, and especially your early 20s, can feel a lot lower-pressure than your 30s. Like, aren't you supposed to have everything figured out by 30? This podcast is an awesome way to realize that you totally don't — while also helping you, well, figure some things out. They talk about pretty much everything from starting a business to staying healthy so it's a pretty great way to get inspo in all areas.

TED Radio Hour

Anyone else obsessed with TED Talks? No, just me? If you're into the way a TED talk can seriously blow your mind, you're gonna love this podcast. It's a once-a-week dose of all the eye-opening, super-fascinating stuff you know and love from TED Talks. What's not to like?

The goop Podcast

Can't get enough Gwenyth? She hosts this podcast with Elise Loehne, goop's CCO. They talk with a whole bunch of people who are thought leaders and industry shaker-uppers (hey, Oprah!). And they cover super interesting stuff that will help you be a smarter, more thoughtful human.

What are your fave books and podcasts to listen to when you're on a long train, plane, or car ride? Lmk in the comments!

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