Make Your Morning Workout The Best Part Of Your Day


Morning workout. We all know how important getting our daily sweat on is, but let's face it—we're all guilty of occasionally groaning before a workout, or even skipping it.

The day got away from us, we're tired, or happy hour was calling our name. So, I'm here with some tips on how to not only make sure you never miss a sweat sesh, but also how to your morning workout the best part of your day! And you guessed it- that means getting it done first thing in the morning.

Now, before you groan and say you're not a morning person, let me tell you— I'm not either. At all.Unlike most health and fitness pros, I don't do 5 a.m. workouts and I prefer to sleep in.

But I began feeling like I was missing out on key hours of the day. I wanted to be more productive and to me that meant waking up earlier and doing more with my morning. So, I set a goal. I decided to add in reading a book, something that motivates me, each morning before I got out of bed. That way I felt inspired before my feet hit the ground, and I found a reason to peel my eyes open earlier than normal. This helped me become what I call a "morning-ish" person?

For those of you looking for how to get motivated to get your workout done first thing in the AM, here's how to get it done and rock that post-workout glow all day long.?

The night before

To make sure you are ready to rock and roll (and sweat) in the AM, you've gotta do a little prep work. It just takes a few minutes, but trust me when I say this will make your morning SO much smoother!

Lay out your clothes

Get your workout gear ready and your post-workout look, too. It'll save you some serious time that can be put towards snoozing and sweating!

Choose Your Workout

Pick something that you love, so you're more likely to pop out of bed to get-er- done in the AM. That's why my Hot Body Sweat Guidesor FREE Daily Workoutsare such a huge help—all the workouts are already figured out for you. One less thing to think about!

Make a Killer Playlist

Best Songs to Run a 10k

We all know the power of music. So let's make it work for us! Put together your favorite jams that will pump you up in the morning and get you ready to crush your workout. But don't sweat this part – I've got you covered here, too. Check out my Spotify playlist—there's a new one each month and the tunes are sure to get you hopping out of bed.

Set Your Intention

You babes all know how important yoga was for me in my weight loss journey, so I'm borrowing the idea of an intention. Decide what you're going to do tomorrow morning. Then stick to it.

Commit to It

Now you've got your intention- great! Take it one step further and commit to it!

Hop onto Instagramand check in with your fellow LSF babes to tell them what you're committing to. (Download the LSF Sweat Starterto find out how to get involved on Insta.)

Pro tip:Write down your intention and put it somewhere you can see from your bed. This will totally help give you an extra boost in the morning. Plus, studies show writing it down and sharing with a friend makes you twice as likely to follow through.

Set that Alarm

And while you're at it, put it across the room. Or use an app (like Wake N Shake) that makes you physically shake the heck out of your phone for the alarm to turn off… by then, you're wide awake and ready to sweat!

Get to Sleep!

You're all prepped for tomorrow. Now, turn off that phone and TV (I know, it's haaaard! Guilty!!) and get some shut eye. It's so important! Not only to wake up for the workout, but also for your goals! Shut eye is SO important.

The Morning Of…

Absolutely NO snoozing!

Turn off that alarm and don't roll over for "5 more minutes"! Would you rather toss and turn for an extra 30 minutes or use that time to rock your bod? Yeah, I thought so!

Music That Moves You

Turn on that jamming playlist to get your body and mind moving! ( Here are my current faves.)

Warm it Up

Do this quick, easy (and so important!) warm upto wake up your body and get it ready to work for you. I know–you're already pushin' it to get in a workout first thing in the morning and who has time for more!? But trust me, it is SO important for your body and your results!

Get to It!

It's what we've been prepping for since last night—get your sweat on, girl! As we all know, good things come to those who sweat!


You did it! You got your workout in first thing in the AM. So proud of you, babe!

Do a little dance, pat yourself on the back, and rock your post-workout glow for the rest of the day!

You might be wondering, why is a morning workout so important? Besides being less likely to skip it (I mean, no one is going to have happy hour conflicts first thing in the AM), you'll feel accomplished and empowered all day. Plus, we all love those workout endorphins that will help you kick butt for the rest of your to do list. And a little bonus: you can burn up to 20% more fat by working out in the morning before breakfast. Uh, heck yeah! Sign me up!

Don't forget…
• Eat some serious protein after a workout: 10-15g. For tons of recipes to help make this easier, check out my Hot Body Meal Plansor recipeson the site.

• Dry shampoo is a perfectly acceptable alternative

• And good things come to those who sweat!

xoxo katie

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