Liss Cardio Ideas That Aren't Running



I think a lot of girls are intimidated by the fact that the fitness world throws around terms like HIIT and LISS. I know when I started my fitness journey, I was like uh, what? TBH when I started, cardio was… well, boring-awful-gradeschool-gym-style-cardio. I could jog and that's abouttttt it.?

But cardio doesn't have to be some torturous experience. I swear!

So, what is LISS?

Not all cardio is created equal. Despite what your grade school gym teacher may have led you to believe.

LISS stands for Low Intensity Steady State. It's the form of cardio where you stay at the same pace and intensity for a single exercise. Yes, that includes jogging/running, but it also means so much more! We're about to break it down for ya.

Non-sucky ways to get your LISS on!

  • Take your coffee date on the road! We all need some girl time to catch up with a bestie… double dip! Invite yo girl out for coffee and head out on the road. Walk and talk and get your exercise on! See a part of your city you haven't seen before, your fave stretch of beach, or just walk around the cute downtown shops!
  • Get your dance on!? Go dancing with your girls! There's seriously no easier way to fit in exercise to your weekend plans. Just be mindful to keep your cocktails in check so you don't totally outweigh the benefits here…
  • Clean! Okay, I swear by this one even though I know you're thinking I've totally lost it. This goes to show you that two dreaded activities can actually be FUN and productive, too! Blast some jams (I highly recommend my newest playlist) and see how much you can get done! The key is keeping the intensity up. All that reaching and scrubbing can def get that HR up. And BONUS! Your house will sparkle!
  • Bike to brunch! Pick a restaurant that's 3-6 miles from your house. Enjoy the wind in your hair while you dream about what you're going to brunch on. Just remember to keep the meal choice in check, or that's going to be one helluva bike ride home?
  • Netflix & Stairs. Only let yourself watch your fave show while exercising. Whether that's catching up on Stranger Things (uh, c'mon, you're late the to the party here, babe!) or rewatching Friends for the millionth time, bring your tablet or phone to the gym, walking at a low-moderate intensity for the duration of the show. Before you know it, your "dreaded" workout will be done and you might even decide to watch/walk another one! Or try some of these treadmill workouts, if you prefer a fast walk or a light jog…

No Sweat, No Glory?

You may be thinking (we've all been there)… why bother? Maybe you see the LISS day in your HBSGand think if I'm not sweating like a pig? (a glamorous one, I'm sure?) it's prob not worth doing! WRONG.?

OMG LISS is so freakin' important, babe!!! Just as a refresh, here's the scoop on the benefits of LISS:

  • It's the sweet spot of the fat burning? zone
  • Super easy to do (as you now know!)
  • It increases your cardiovascular endurance — so your next HIIT sesh will be easier once you make LISS happen!
  • It's perfect for an active rest day… or night (if ya choose #2)
  • There's no recovery time associated with LISS

So, how are you going to get your LISS on this week? Drop a comment below and be sure to tag your girls on Insta during your next (non) sweat sesh!

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