Hydrate Your Way To Fit


Hydrating tips. Summer is heeeere! And it's HOT out, girl!

While we all know that good things come to those who sweat, sometimes it gets a little too sweaty up in here! So we're comin' atcha with tips to keep you hydrated + why it's so dang important so you canHydrate Your Way to Fit this Summer.

Water is the Essence of LYFE!

Literally. Did you know approx 60% of your entire body is made of water?!So it's real important to stay hydrated! You can quite literally hydrate your way to better skin, sleep, and fitness. Deets below

  • Glowing skin: Skin is an organ. It's your largest organ. So to keep it on point, you gotta stay hydrated.
    • Here's the thing: your water intake goes first to every other organ in the body, skin gets it last. So, to keep your skin a glow you gotta drink up!
  • Improved digestion: Drinking more water means your body is better able to absorb nutrients from your food. Even if your eating is on point, without adequate water intake, you're missing out on some of those amaze nutrients you're working so hard to incorporate in your diet.
  • Better sleep (and life): Improved quality of sleep?! Yes, plz! Chronic dehydration reduces the amount of amino acids in your body to produce the "sleep chemical", melatonin. Dehydrated = poor sleep. Poor sleep = grumpy. AKA hydrate to improve your LIFE!
    • Foreal. Studies suggest that dehydration is the #1 cause of daytime fatigue. It's linked to headaches, grumpiness, and loss of focus. I mean. Do you really need more of a reason to drink up!?
  • Peak performance: In order to get the best workout in, you've gotta stay hydrated. If you're dehydrated, you just won't be able to hang during your workout. Even mild dehydration will decrease your endurance. Propel is an awesome post-workout water because it's the only water with enough electrolytes to put back what is lost when you sweat.
  • Improved recovery: In order to build up muscle tissue, you have to hydrate! If you're dehydrated, your body not only delays protein synthesis but also may break down your your muscle tissue. AKA without hydration, you're undermining your fitness goals & making your muscles weaker.

Bottom's UP!

You've prob heard the 8√ó8 rule. 8 glasses of 8 oz. of water per day. While this is a good guideline, it's really a bit more personal than that. At minimum, studies suggest women need a minimum of 9 glasses per day. Better yet, aim to drink half of your body weight in fluid ounces per day. And that's just on a slow day… if it's hot, or you're sweaty (check and check this summer!) you gotta up that intake!

Honestly, the more the better! It's pretty hard to drink toooo much water, especially seeing as approx 75% of Americans are dehydrated.

How to Hydrate:

It might seeeeem simple, theoretically, to stay hydrated. And honestly, reading about it makes it seem super simple. But if it's so dang easy, how do you explain that only 25% of us are doing it right!?

Basically it come down to this:

  • Chug water…before you feel thirsty!
  • Avoid drinks with caffeine or sugar in them — a little bit is okay, but don't overdo it!
  • Drink throughout your workout! But this is not the time to chug… that'll just make you feel wonky.
  • Keep hydrating after the workout to replace what was lost during the workout.
  • Need more help, do the LSF Hydration Challenge!

I get it… Sometimes water gets boring. Drinking a few liters each day can be a snore. I love You can always add fresh fruit to your water, but if you're wanting more flavor and those much needed post-sweat sesh electrolytes, Propel is the way to go.

Good things come to those who sweat…

and better things come to those who sweat and stay hydrated!

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