My HEALTHY Breast Augmentation + Recovery Tips

When I had my first breast augmentation I never imagined it would be something I'd be sharing with thousands of people. It was a personal decision I made for me and me alone.

12 years later, I felt it was important to share my experience even if it only helps one girl who's considering surgery for ANY reason.

Since starting LSF I've made it a point to always be 100% transparent with you all so when it came time for me to re-do them I knew I wanted to share it, so here goes... 

What happened...

When I had my first surgery 12 years ago it was very cut and dry.

I met the surgeon, we booked a date, I showed up, got boobs, and that was that.

There was no conversation about my health, lifestyle, nutrition, or anything else that might (and did) impact how my surgery went.

But to be fair, I wasn't as concerned about those things back then either. I just wish I would have known how important they were! 

I ended up overdoing it with my workouts too soon post-op and, long story short, had to get a second surgery a year later. Not fun, but it helped and I've been (pretty) happy with the results since.

That said, it's recommended to change the implants every 10-15 years and after having a baby I felt like it was time. My boobs were even bigger and uncomfortable and I thought it was best to be proactive and just get it taken care of. 

Finding the right doctor...

This time I knew better, I knew I wanted to find a surgeon who cared about more than just my boobies. I wanted to find someone who prioritized my overall health and really understood what I was looking for.  

I had followed Dr. Barrett on Instagram for years and knew his approach was completely different so when it came time to finding a new doctor he was my first choice. 

After my first consultation I honestly felt like he wasn't just a surgeon; he was going to be a partner in my journey.

Dr. Barrett and his team took a very holistic approach. They stressed the importance of well-rounded prep + recovery plans including everything from nutrition, supplements, and exercise. 

Even though I was still a little nervous, he gave me total confidence that it would be an amazing experience - and it was!

My pre + post-op prep

1. Nourishing My Body

Understanding the pivotal role nutrition plays in recovery made all the difference. I upped my protein intake, loaded up on veggies, and things like bone broth and stuck to his supplement recommendations every day. I also didn't drink any alcohol for 2 weeks before or after surgery.

Dr. Barrett's guidance reinforced the idea that what we put into our bodies significantly influences the outcome and it really did.

 My Supplement Line-Up

  1. Arnica+: to reducing brusing 
  2. Before: all-in-one formula is the ultimate tool to prepare your body for surgery
  3. After: optimize your post-operative healing 
  4. Biome Breakthrough repair the gut lining 
  5. Wing Woman: strengthen immune system 
  6. Plant Protein: support muscle recovery + reduce muscle atrophy 
  7. Natural Beauty: heal and repair skin, rebuild collagen + support recovery 

*USE CODE: KATIE20 for 20% off here

2. Fish Oil for Inflammation Reduction

One MAJOR supplement I added in post-op was fish oil to help reduce inflammation and support my recovery.

The anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 fatty acids, explaining how they could aid in minimizing post-surgery swelling and discomfort. This simple addition to my recovery plan proved invaluable in promoting a smoother healing process.

3. Red Light Therapy

Discovering the benefits of red light therapy was a game-changer.

Dr. Barrett recommended this non-invasive approach to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, and mitigate scarring.

I got this LightStim for Pain to do at home for 20 minutes daily and it helped a ton! (code: KATIE20 for 20% OFF)

4. Mindful Movement: Exercising for Flexibility and Comfort

You know I don't like to sit still! Taking months off my normal routine in the MOVE app after having a baby was tough. I knew going into this it would be about 6 weeks before I could really start easing back into things, but after my first experience I was 100% ready to take it slow!

With Dr. Barrett's ok, I started light low-impact lower body exercises that encouraged blood circulation and prevented stiffness in the chest muscles.

I'm now 7 weeks post-op, getting back to my normal workouts and feeling great!

I vlogged the entire experience if you want more of a day by day look at how it went! Watch it here.

Dr. Barrett and his team ensured that every aspect of my well-being was considered, making me feel supported and cared for throughout the whole process.

So long story long, if you're thinking about doing ANY type of surgery, do your research and have a solid plan! And obviously go to Dr. Barrett if you can because he is AMAZING!

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