How to Hack "Falling Back"


We all know that feeling when daylight savings time rolls around and suddenly our precious sleep is thrown out of whack. Even though we gain an hour it somehow still feels like we aren't getting enough zzzz's. 

Why Does Falling Back Mess with Our Sleep?

Let's talk about the problems we face when we "fall back" and gain an hour of sleep. It's not just about feeling tired extra early and somehow still groggy in the morning (although that's definitely a major bummer). The end of daylight savings time disrupts our sleep/wake cycles, causing insomnia and increased fatigue.

Plus, the decrease in melatonin production makes it even harder to fall asleep at night. And let's not forget it getting dark at basically 4pm making it feel like the middle of the night by the time we eat dinner!

Time to Wake Up & Get Back to Your Routine

Ever wondered why you feel a tad moody even though you just gained an hour? Well, that hour during the end of Daylight Savings Time can sometimes lead to a slight shift in our mood. This is attributed to the natural adjustments our bodies make to the changing light patterns.

You know I'm offsetting this change w/ Miss Congeniality Mood Boost in my coffee each morning. The noticeable difference I see when using it is more than enough to beat an hour loss!

Ok, mood, check! The second part of our routines that often suffer is our ability to feel energized throughout the day. My go-to here is not energy drinks (please no!) or even more coffee (one cup is enough, Katie...say it with me).

That's where Pep Rally comes in. It is filled with Vitamin B6, Matcha Green Tea Leaf Powder, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Maca Root Powder for a fully natural energy boost. I like to mix it in water, but you can also do it in milk or a smoothie!

How to Get Better Sleep

Now, let's talk about the ultimate solution to your fall sleep

  1. Embrace a Gradual Transition: Begin adjusting your sleep schedule a few days before daylight savings. Gradually shift your bedtime time by 15 minutes later each day to help your body acclimate smoothly.

  2. Create a Relaxing Evening Routine: Establish a calming pre-sleep routine to signal to your body that it's time to wind down. To ensure you get a full rested nights sleep drink Slumber Party 30 minutes before bed while you do some lite activities like gentle stretches, reading, or journaling. 

  3. Optimize Your Sleep Environment: Invest in comfortable bedding, consider using blackout curtains to block out any excess light, light candles before bed to really get your body to relax!

These are all super manageable changes, but they will allow you to regain control over your sleep schedule and conquer the challenges that come with the end of daylight savings time. Remember, a well-rested you is a happier, more productive you.

So, let's embrace this transition with positivity and welcome back those precious Zzzs!

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