Get Rid Of Your Belly Pooch!


Belly pooch. Are you sick of the zip-up struggle?

You know that feeling when you're trying to get your fave pair of jeans on? Everything is totally fine until you get to the zipper part. That's when you have to come to terms with that little belly pooch we are all so sick of.

Look, your body is BEAUTIFUL. And this belly pooch is often the result of nothing more than excess skin post-pregnancy, post-weight loss, or even hormonal bloating. Nothing to worry about!

But I remember all too well what it felt like to put on my favorite pair of jeans and feel…not so great.

This workout is meant to tone up the muscles in your lower belly and work up a sweat, both of which will help you combat that lower belly pooch. If you've got a little more to work with there, consistent exercise (including this workout!!) is the trick. And I promise — it will start to go down with consistent effort!

Belly Pooch & Abs Workout

Do this video a few times today and see how amazing you feel! And if you're looking for more, we recommend a fourteen day ab bonus like this one.

If you really want to see big changes, the Hot Body Meal Plan is designed to help you get rid of excess body fat. This is for you girls who aren't just dealing with excess skin and/or bloating (although it's AMAZING for you too). Right now, I'm talking to my girls who have stubborn belly fat driving them nuts. If you clean up your eating just a little (I promise, NOTHING extreme!!), you will finally see the change you have been waiting for.

Download it now and start your jaw-dropping transformation, girl.

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