Fitness Trends For Fall 2018


fitness trends. I know, I know. 2018 isn't over just yet. But I've got a feeling that if we all blink, it'll be time to ring in the new year.

So I didn't want to miss my chance to round up some of my favorite workout and health trends from 2018. These are a handful of things that have helped me bring my A-Game every time I'm ready to get moving – and have actually made memoreexcited to work out! Plus, this year really showed us how it's done, fitness-wise. It's brought a lot of good changes to the sweat session/self-care table which I know is helping us all find a lot more balance.. So without further ado, here are five of my favorite fitness trends from 2018.

Efficient, effective workout studios.

I don't know about you, but I feel like I get busier and busier year after year. With less time in the day, squeezing in a workout that packs a punch can get tricky. That's why literally every single workout in the HBSGtakes under 30 minutes! I also started kickboxing more this year to mix up my cardio days and am loving 9Round, which offers kickbox fitness sessions. First, you can pop into the studio ANY TIME.

There are no set classes so you can join into sessions and go through your nine rounds whenever it works for you. Plus, there is always a trainer on site to tell you exactly what the exercises are at each station for that day, assist with technique, help with hand-wrapping, and keeping you motivated. Like,burn-400-cals-in-30-minutesmotivated. The music is pumping and the workouts only take 30 minutes which is basically everything I want in a workout Plus your first class is free!

I'm not a competitive person when it comes to competing with other people, but OMG I love giving myself little challenges. In the 9Round sessions I wear a heart rate monitor that's hooked up to a screen so I can see where my heart rate is throughout the workout and how many calories I'm burning. To burn the most fat, the goal is to stay in the green or yellow zones the whole time and I watch that sucker like nobody's business. If I even dip into the blue zone, I start stepping up my pace hah. I literally burn like 400 calories in 30 minutes and work every muscle in my body. Plus punching a bag for sure sheds some stress! Seriously, what more could you want?

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