Easy Ways To Shed Pounds This Summer


Easy ways to shed pounds. Although it is our favorite time of year it can be easy to let our fitness and nutrition slide with all the beach days, barbecues, and brunches, but we have some awesome tips and easy ways to shed pounds this summer. Now more than ever we need to be on top of our health habits and fitness routines so we can shine in our bikinis all summer long. Here are the ways I plan on shedding pounds this season.

The Prep Steps

Level Up

Absolutely download the LSF App NOW. Trust me. It's totally free to download, and your Daily 10 are now accessible for free, everyday on your phone!! Game changer! But…if you'rereallyready for even more change and even more amazing results this summer, you NEED the LSF app plan!! It costsless than $1 per dayfor a plan that's customized to your needs and designed to motivate you!In only 30 minutes a day, you will see fat burn and muscles grow. Basically, you'll burn up to 350 calories in just 30 minutes, leaving you feeling amazing and seeing results faster than ever. Hello #bikinibody! Plus, the whole experience is just so FUN! Not to mention, we have some amazing things planned for you this summer ALL in the app. So, keep an eye out.

Prep Your Meals

Babes, nutrition is sooo important and we are giving you all of the resources to change and maintain healthy habits. We created the LSF Nutrition Planfor YOU, so you can find a plan that fits YOUR lifestyle. If you truly want to shed pounds this summer, make nutrition a priority.Eating healthy and making mindful meals doesn't need to be hard with resources like, the 4 Week Hot Body Meal Plan,you can easily findyourbest eating plan. And trust me, meal prepping is a key component for staying on track, seeing long lasting results, and hitting your #goals.Want more? The Guiltless Nutrition Lifestyle + Recipe bookhas endless recipes, healthy swaps, meal prep tips, and ideas for healthy living. So if you're really trying to see change? Start here.

Plan your daily sweat

The LSF Daily 10is the KEY to your summer fitness routine. It's just ten minutes, that's it. AND it's at your fingertips in the LSF app. So you can do it anytime, anywhere. How great is that!?If you are just starting your fitness journey, this is the perfect place to start. It's gradual and I promise, promise, PROMISE that if you do it slowly but surely, you'll see better results over time. If this is less than you're used to, the break might be nice. Or add this to your daily sweat sesh for the extra challenge.

Truly, no matter what fitness level you are – doing the LSF Daily 10 creates new and better fitness habits for your everyday. Committing to show up (even for that short time!) is the key (because guess what, you'll almost definitely do more than ten minutes once you're there). And the best part? I designed the LSF Daily 10 to be effective! So you're getting max bang for minimum buck.

Make time for YOU

Set your goals for the summer and write them down! Take a few minutes today to journal and set your intentions for the next couple of weeks.

How do you want to feel at the end of it? What changes are you hoping to see? This summer is about WAY more than just working out, losing weight, and eating better than you were before. It's about learning to show your gorgeous body all the love it deserves and feeling confident from the inside out so you can #liveguiltless.

The Key Details…

Aside from the big-picture stuff, you are going to want to start with your before pics and your gear!!

Transformation pictures

Go to the journaling section of the LSF app and upload your transformation photos! Babe, it is soo key to keep track of your progress. I know it's hard to feel "good" taking them, but the scale is an unreliable way to mark your results. Plus, tracking your progress allows you to celebrate all the wins throughout the summer, no matter how big or small. Focus on how you LOOK as you build muscle and lose fat.

See the diff between the two "before" pics below? (They're both me!) Lighting, clothes, and getting that smiling face in there make a big difference.

I get taking "befores" can be tough and smiling can be hard, but this is the beginning of something major for you, be happy!

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