Carved Abs Workout

Carved Abs Workout

I promise you I'll have a carved abs workout for you here, but first I just need to take a sec to tell you all about our updated app!

If you've never used the app before, here's a quick refresher: it's a one-stop-shop for all your #goals. Workout from home in about 30 minutes and watch your body trasnform!

It has personal training step-by-step workouts and an on-demand video library full of classes! Plus, it lets you set, track, and crush your goals right in the app.

You get our Daily 10, exclusive full-length workout vids, and a challenge section complete with trophies you can win! You can choose to tackle a circuit workout at your own pace or follow along with me in a guided video right in the app. Plus, it helps you track your water intake and you can customize your level to get workouts that are right for you right now.

LSF App 2.0

The App 2.0 is still gonna do all of that —just better and with more features! There are two major changes I'm really excited about:

  • Customize your workout. With the LSF App 2.0, you can swap in a video workout for your Sweat Sesh days. Plus, you'll be able to log that right in your journal!
  • Get results with my proven 3:1 method. Basically, that means that in our circuits, we're doing three strength-building exercises, followed by one plyometric exercise . That way, you get stronger and get a great cardio workout, all in one! We improved our goals tracking area (including a new, more detailed water tracker). Plus, we added a Sweaty Selfie builder with a ton of frames and sharing options and a Progress Photo builder so it'll be a snap to see side-by-side images that show how far you've come!

Speaking of taking things for a spin, it's time to get out your sliding discs so we can get those abs carved! This seven-minute abs circuit is the BEST way to get rid of love handles and you're going to feel the effects the next day! Here's your workout!

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