How To Have The Best Weekend Plans


Best Weekend Plans. TeamLSF is serious about fun. The weekends are your time to finally get off the daily grind and unwind.

Those two days of routine freedom can either mean serious gains or watching your goals slip away. For a lot of people Monday means a fresh start, but we want more than that. LSF is about balance ALWAYS so you're never left feeling like you have to start from scratch. Just make these little tweaks and you'll have the best freakin' weekend ever!

Friday |Get your Happy Hour Hustle On

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If you've been DYING for the freakin' weekend to start, 5 o'clock on Friday is like the best thing ever.But girlfriend, before you head to happy hour?, you've got to get a quick Hot Bodyworkout in. Yourhappy hour hustle is the key to a guilt-free weekend.

My go-to workouts are the Hot Body 100 challengeor body weight circuits in theHot Body Sweat Guide and the Hot Body HIITworkouts on YouTube!

It only takes20-30 minutesso you can get a full body burn done fast and feel strong, toned and ready to head out with your girls.

When you do hit up happy hour, make sure you order the right drinksor even fresh mocktails so you can fully stick to your LSF Hot Body Lifestyle.

Saturday |Make plans with fit friends

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If you make plans to workout first thing Saturday morning two awesome things happen.

  • Knowing you have a sweat sesh in the morning will help you make better choicesFriday night. No one likes to workout in a booze & burgers hangover so hopefully your morning workout will help remind you to keep it in check Friday night!
  • Flakey friends stink. Being the one who bails out last minute on your morning hike or LSF beach workoutis the worst! When you make plans to workout with your squad it's a chance to have even more accountability. Did you know there are tons of LSF girls where you live? Ya! By using and checking the hashtags #teamlsf and #lovesweatfitness on IG you are bound to make new friends, even IRL!


Take time to relax

This is waaaaay easier said than done. I'm not talking about just sitting on the couch and zoning out. I want you toPAMPER YOURSELF!You work hard all week at your jobs, school, your workouts, at homes, etc. It's a lot & you 100% deserve some YOU time. Time to relax and reset before a new week starts.

Try this:

Write a thank-you note to yourself. Literally sit down and write yourself a little letter to say "thanks!" Recognize all the hard work you've put in, the healthy choices you've made, the workoutsyou've crushed and the amazing babe you are!

Take a bath with candles, calming music and maybe some esposm saltto relax your body and mind. I'm a big Michael Bublé bath jams fan? Even 15 or 20 minutes can be a freakin' weekend game changer. I also have a few life hacks to relaxyou should checkout.

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With everything, it's all about making small changes that have a BIG impact. Start to add these things into your weekend you will be so much more successful in reaching your goals. You're focus should be on finding balance and having the best freakin' weekend ever!

xoxo katie

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