At-Home Chillates Workout


Chillates workout. Dealing with a turkey hangover? Or like…ahangoverhangover? Same same. Love Thanksgiving so much, but eating/drinking like a fool on a Thursday means a few days of recovery chill mode.

And babe, I love you sooooo much, but we can't phone it in. We're in the middle of Sleigh the Holiday 2018! There are some crazy fun prizes on the line, and more importantly, we're trying to hit some big goals. So into workout mode we must go (well…chillates workout mode). In other words…

So throw up that hair, work your way into a sports bra (kinda like the new crop we just launched!), and get. it. done. It's a way chill workout…we promise? The sooner you knock out that workout, the sooner you can get to shopping! Which, incidentally, we ALSO made you an easy guidefor.

Let us know how your low-key workout days go, girl!! Tag us @lovesweatfitnessand @teamlsfand who knows! We might just repost ya.

P.S. There's a vid that goes with this too, if you prefer!! Check it out HERE.

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