Cyber Monday is here!! Which means huge deals for youuuuu, our fave girl!

And we’ve got an ALL NEW collection of winter LSF apparel (on SALE today!). t’s the PERFECT holiday gift for you or your babes. Correction: you AND your babes. You all need them. Holiday shopping is gonna be such a breeze this year! 

Today only! Spend $75 and get FREE booty bands!! Plus our new Icy Pink set is 20% off  (biggggg savings babe!). And those Black Friday discounts are still in the shop…so go check them out ASAP!

Let’s be honest…the mall is looking less and less attractive with all the traffic, the insane lines, the sales that aren’t even that great anymore, and the fact that the internet exists! Big news, I know, but you don’t actually *have* to leave your house to get your holiday shopping done. And since we know you’re a fit babe, we wanted to give you some suggestions for your own Christmas list, but also for checking your mom/sister/bff/work wife gifts off your to-do list in a quick snap. 

OK, now for your Cyber Monday Shopping Guide!

Cute warm-up gear – The Good Things Sweatshirt

We say it all the time: just PUTTING ON your workout clothes is half the battle. But especially in the colder months, you need a cozy sweatshirt to make the transition a little easier! Get a cute crop sweatshirt you love for style points and major comfort even in the colder, darker AM. We made a real cute one, btw.

Fun workout clothes!

If you have workout clothes you can’t wait to wear, that’s one more thing pushing you to get out there. Look for luxe materials that make you feel amazing when you wear them, and that you’ll be able to wear all day long.

We just designed an all NEW collection of LSF workout gear with our friends over at Goldsheep. It’s a matching set (on trend), it’s super shiny and soft (fun to wear!), and it’s cute in all the LSF ways (YAY!). Get the crop or leggings separately, but we def recommend the whole shebang.

cyber monday

A planner for setting goals

Visualizing your goals is probably the MOST important thing you can do if you want to achieve them. And then, you need a place you can track how you’re doing day-to-day!  That’s why the LSF #Goals planner exists: to help you dream, achieve, and DO the big things you’ve always imagined! Get this for you and ALL your girls this holiday season, and start with us on day 1 of 2019 with bigger goals than ever before.

cyber monday

Booty Bands

Booty Bands are an absolute must. Put these babies around your thighs, ankles, knees, and arms to provide resistance to your workouts. They’re SO easy to pack down to store or carry with you and they add so much effectiveness to any toning or strength building workout.

Get set for summer with this easy 8 week plan!

LSF Guides

If you’ve been around LSF for a bit, you already know: these guides are how you can lose weight, tone your muscles, and get crazy energy to get through your day! Katie wrote these guides specifically as an answer to the question she gets all the time: How did YOU lose 45 pounds and get the body you always dreamed of?! So if you’re one of those girls that wants to make big changes in 2019, there is really no better answer we can offer you. It’s a day by day breakdown of the process! So get them for you, and get them for your girls. Start the journey together!!

Love Sweat Fitness Holiday gift guide 2018 plus black friday deals cyber and monday sale!
cyber monday


You might be thinking “Katie, the last thing I want to do is build bulk!” And girl, I get it! But having a small collection of light-weight dumbbells can work wonders for toning your arms and shoulders without adding any bulk – I would recommend having at least a 3 lb, a 5 lb, and an 8lb set when you’re starting out so that you have some options for each workout. You can build up your collection from there! Here’s my top pick off Amazon.

cyber monday

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is crucial, not just for yoga, but for any workout where you’re getting down and dirty on the floor. Depending on what the floor is made of in your home or the gym, a yoga mat can save your joints from a ton of pain. Doing a workout on your hardwood floor or carpet and ending up with bruises and burns will only un-motivate you – having a soft, cushy yoga mat will make every routine so much more inviting.

I lovvvve my Manduka mat. Linking it here!

Jump Rope

Another tool that is so easy to store, it just doesn’t make sense NOT to have it. A jump rope is perfect for cardio workouts or adding a warm up to whatever routine you have planned. You can take it anywhere and sneak in little bursts of killer cardio here and there throughout the day. PERFECT for busy babes who can’t get to the gym everyday (and for for those who can!).

Lots of jump ropes will get the job done, but this one comes in gold and in pink. So like…I pick this one ?

 cyber monday

Foam Roller

Having a foam roller on hand is a great way to give your body some love after workouts. I always suggest getting a foam roller with grooves on it, as it allows you to massage out targeted muscles more precisely. Rolling out your muscles after a workout helps your muscles recover and heal more speedily after a hard workout! They can also be great for getting out some stiffness when you wake up!

My fave foam roller has grooves and ridges in it, which makes it EXTRA efficient at breaking up fascia in your muscles. Get one like mine here!


Kettlebell training is like the espresso of workout tools – it packs a punch and has long lasting effects. Kettlebells do amazing things for cardiovascular health, flexibility, core strength all at the same time. They’re amazing for plyometric workouts and help your body burn fat like crazy. I would recommend having a 15lb kettlebell on hand for most intermediate workouts.

I love this one!!

Lacrosse Ball

Similar to a foam roller, lacrosse balls are hard and dense so they make for amazing little masseuses for your feet, hips, and shoulder blades – places that are a little trickier to get to with a larger foam roller. Once again, they’re super easy to carry with you or store withthe rest of your workout stuff and are way more affordable than paying to go get a massage! You can even roll out your feet while you sit at your desk – convenient, affordable, and effective!

You can literally just get these at any sports store, but I’ll link to where I order mine here. Such a good stocking stuffer option, especially because you can basically guarantee everyone will be bringing some maaaaajor holiday shopping tension to the table!

Which gifts are you giving this year?! I want to hear how it goes. Comment below and make sure to tag me on your holiday Instagrams!!

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Parker Robinson
Parker Robinson
4 years ago

I am in love with this sweatshirt! I can’t wait to pick it up and the Hot Body Guide Friday during the *kale*! I usually watch Katie’s lifestyle videos on YouTube, but I’m excited to try out the LSF program!