All The Deets On Spring Slim Down!


Spring Slim Down. The SPRING SLIM DOWN Challenge is HEEEEERE!

Spring Slim Down is our chance to lock in to some big-time goals before summer sneaks up on us–time to get that nutrition on point, get those booties poppin', whip those abs into shape, and MOST OF ALL…to feel our absolutebest!

Together, #TeamLSF is committing to 4 weeks of brand new exclusive workouts, delicious spring inspired recipes, and new lifestyle challenges to jumpstart your healthy, happy, hot body! Everything is better with your besties so invite your girlfriends to join you and Team LSF with the Spring Slim Down challenge!

Your LSF Spring Slim Down Challenge kicks off on Monday, April 2nd!!!

What's the deal with the Spring Slim Down?


The most incredible 4 weeks of spring!The easiest way to commit to and totally crush your goals!And seriously the most fun you'll have kicking your own booty eva!

Spring Slim Down Includes

♥ 4 Week Fitness & Lifestyle Challenge

♥ DailyBody Sculpting Workouts

♥ Delicious Spring Recipes

♥ Nutrition Tips & Tricks to Get the Best results

♥ Support + Motivation w/ your LSF Community!

♥ Chances to WIN MAJOR PRIZES!

Are you IN?

Screenshot this?? and post to Instagram as a commitment to YOU for the next four weeks! Just FYI: we're going to be looking for this post when we pick the Grand Prize winner?

Still not signed up, babe?! We want you with us!! Click below to get things rolling.

Need MORE motivation? We've got prizes on prizes on prizes just waiting for you at the end of this challenge.?

Grand Prize

We've got a $500 shopping spree to Fabletics along with some incredible LSF sweat goodies and tons of other goodness for 1 babe who absolutely owns it with her check-ins and her 4 week transformation photo. The more you check-in on Instagram, the more chances you have to get your shopping on!

If your dying over this amazing athleisure?, you can get a full outfit for $49.95 with the Fabletics VIP program. Best thing ever!

Sweat Babes

For the girls who are showing their team all the love, checking in on IG on the daily, and just being basically awesome, we have a bunch of amazing prizes in store for you too!

How to be Spring Slim Down #Goals

1.Take "Before" pics now & post them to Instagram.Photos are the best way to stay motivated is to SEE your progress.

*And remember that $500 Fabletics shopping spree? You've got to post these pics to enter?

2.Commit to your daily check-ins on InstagramWe want you checking in with #TeamLSF on the daily! Photos are the best way to get inspired, track your challenge progress and stay accountable to yourself and your team.

♥ Always tag @LoveSweatFitnessAND @TeamLSFand use the hashtags belowto make sure we see them!


3.Create Your Team LSF handle.Post all the sweaty selfies, cute puppies and girl gang pictures you want! We want it all! Your LSF IG account is the place to give and get love, support and motivation from your team on the daily. The more you give, the more you get.

& if you're looking for your first post…we already made it for you! Go grab that "I'm In" pic above to show us that you're with us?

How to Add a LSF IG Account

  • Go to your profile and tap (iPhone) or (Android) in the top right.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap Add Account.
  • Enter the new username you want (@KatieGetsFit_LSF) and password of the account you'd like to add.

*Once you've added the new account, you can easily switch between your LSF account and your regular account by tapping the username at the top of the screen and then tapping the account you want to switch to.

4.Get your hydration on!We want you to always have your water bottleon hand so you can stay hydrated and energized for every incredible workout we have in store for you!

5.Stick to the LSF plan to get the most out of your challenge and see the biggest transformation during these four weeks. Psssst…best way to get your hands on that grand prize!

We're ready to start this thing with you! Get signed up, post your "I'm In" pic, and spend some time thinking about your goals for this challenge. No matter what, we have your back. Get ready to kill it, girl!

Ps… If you're doing the Hot Body Sweat Guide, these workouts will be a great bonus challenge to add in. Do what you can from the challenge each day and know your HBSG is your best tool for creating serious change babe!

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