5 Minute Workout To Shape Your Booty


Booty workout. We're officially kicking off week 3 of the Booty Challenge!

And in case your booty wasn't feeling it enough, we've got a super fast, effective workout that you can pretty much do anywhere — in 5 minutes!!

I know most of us are short on time so fitting in a workout can be tough. But this 5 minute booty lift is all you need to sculpt and shape, even on the busiest days. And honestly, the best part about it is you can do it ANYWHERE! Whether you're in your dorm room, apartment or even a hotel room, it doesn't matter! All you need is yourself and some booty bands and you'll be ready to work that booty.

Psssstt… Did you know you burn more calories when you work your lower body? Yep. It's true. So basically you'll be burning more fat throughout your entire body and re-shaping your butt with this quick little booty burner. Plus, your glutes are hugely important in making sure your posture is on point, so don't forget to squeeze 'em tight with each move!

If you don't have booty bands yet, girl you need them! They're perfect to up-level any workouts and are easy to throw in your purse or suitcase so you can workout wherever you are!

What are you waiting for girl?? Grab your bands, play the new 5-minute workout and get that booty weeerkin'.

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