5 Best Life Hacks For Eating Healthier

healthy eating hacks

Thank goodness we live in the era of life hacks, right? I mean, if you haven't tried frozen grapes to keep your wine cold, you're missing out.

We just have so many options to make it easier for ourselves to live our best lives. And that's definitely true when it comes to eating healthy! I just feel like every year, it gets simpler for me to make good food choices. And that's def thanks to some hacks I use on the reg.

Want to know what's worked best for me? Here are my five best healthy eating hacks.

#1: Be strong at the grocery store

It's SO MUCH easier to make good choices for 30 minutes while you're at the grocery store than it is to be disciplined for the entire week after. When you're doing your shop, I know it's easy to just throw stuff in your cart. But don't! Once you bring stuff home, it's just going to tempt you. Psych yourself up before you head into the store so you're ready and prepped up to make good choices.

Or, if you want to skip the temptation altogether, hit your local farmer's markets. These are such a great place to pack your fridge and pantry with nutritious, local food.

#2: Make it insanely easy with Vejo

Girls! Vejo blenders are such an awesome way to get nutritious, delicious smoothies into your diet with basically no effort. Basically, Vejo is a blender you can take with you anywhere (no joke, it's even TSA-approved). And you just need these little pods (which biodegrade after use, btw) to whip up flavorful, super-healthy smoothies and drinks with no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. The smoothie daily blends consist of a mix of fruit, vegetables, and superfoods, which are picked at peak ripeness and then freeze-dried into a powder. Oh, and they're all less than 100 calories!

I love the Banana Almond, Clean Greens, Earth Bar Vanilla Bean, Mixed Berry flavors - sooo yum! I'm totally obsessed! And if you check out the Vejo review articles, you'll see I'm not alone in this.

Seriously, the easier you can make it to prepare healthy food you'll look forward to eating, the more likely you are to actually eat healthy. And Vejo does all of the work for you.

#3: Prep your meals

Again, the easier you can make healthy eating, the more likely you are to stick with it every single day. That's why you'll always hear me hyping up meal prepping. I swear, it changed my life.

I just set aside a couple of hours, usually during the weekend. I'll put on a show or pump a playlist and knock out all of my cooking for the week. It's become my new normal and it ROCKS.

Additionally, if you want to ease your way into meal prepping, I'd recommend starting with mason jar salads or these easy meal prep bowls (so delish). It's a great way to get a feel for how much meal prepping can improve your life.

Ready to do more? We have a ton of great meal plans to guide you!

#4: Use Pinterest with a purpose

Any other big Pinterest fans out there? I seriously love it. I've found soooo many good healthy eating hacks on there!

Instead of just mindlessly scrolling, use your time pinning to find stuff that works for you, like 5-minute recipes or meal prep hacks. If you want to get started, check out our LSF Pinterest account.

#5: Carry a water bottle

I can't tell you how many times I've thought I was hungry but felt totally fine after I drank some water. Having a water bottle on you all the time is an awesome way to make sure you're not just feeling like eating because you're dehydrated or bored.And speaking of being bored... if you're sick of plain water try out these delish infused water recipes!

We have some super cute LSF water bottles to help! Check out our Day Drinking bottle — it's marked to keep you on track with your water drinking through the day —or our sparkly Just Chill bottle!

Overall, the more you set yourself up for success with these healthy eating hacks, the more likely you are to stay on track. Use these hacks and crush this thing, girl!!

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