5 Best Foods For Detoxing


Simple Ways to Detox Naturally

Your body, in particular, can make it hard to feel like you have a clean start. I mean, who else has tried detoxing only to be left feeling tired and hungry? Finding the best foods for detoxing will help you in this department.

But I've got good news for you! I've got a little hack that can do big things for your body. By incorporating the best 5 foods for detoxing that will help your body use energy more efficiently while you're getting the toxins out, you get two benefits. First, more energy! Hello, who doesn't need that? And, secondly, you'll get that energy by burning fat and carbs. So you're speeding along your detox and your body goals, all while converting that unwanted junk into more pep in your step!

Sound good? If you're ready to reset your body, then work these five things into your diet to help you burn more fat and feel more energized.

And yes, quality DOES Matter so I'll be sharing my go-to brands or tips for shopping to get the absolute best ingredients to fuel your body!

MCT Powder

Okay, seriously guys, MCT powder is like magic. It can increase your metabolism, give you more energy faster, reduce hunger, and help you retain more muscle even when you're losing weight. So, yeah, it's good stuff.

MCT powder does all this great stuff because the body metabolizes it differently than the fatty acids found in most foods. Medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, are shorter than those long-chain fatty acids so your body can absorb them straight away, converting them pretty much immediately to energy. You've probably heard talk of healthy fats and the ketogenic diet. Well, this is the king. MCT powder is a major fat burner, plus it's pretty tasty in coffee, , smoothies, shakes and more!

I also love adding a scoop of the MCT Powder with Matcha for the Matcha Chia Pudding too!

Shopping Tip!

My absolute favorite (and honestly the only one I will buy) is Nutiva's Organic MCT Powder Use code"NEWYEAR20"for 20% off. It's the first certified organic MCT powder in the world and incredibly clean because it's made without chemicals, fillers or hexane! That means you get 6 grams of MCTs per serving without any of the junk (or weird aftertaste) that other MCT powders have so you can mix it into your favorite drink. Nutiva Organic MCT Powder is also certified keto, vegan, gluten-free and has 0g net carbs. Depending on what I'm making, I'll use one a flavor. The MCT powder, comes in Chocolate, Vanilla and Matcha and of course unflavored. You can find it at most of your grocery and health food stores, including Whole Foods, and on Amazon which makes it REAL easy for you to get your hands on it. Check out what stores sell it near you HERE.


If you like to enjoy your MCT powder in your coffee, pair it with an egg-based breakfast to really kick things into high gear. Eggs are a super high-quality source of healthy fat and protein, plus they've got portion control built in. And because your body has to digest all that protein after you eat eggs, they trigger a spike in your body's calorie burning. If you're constantly feeling hungry when trying to reset your body, add eggs. They'll help you stay full for longer while helping your body burn fat.

Shopping Tip!

I use Certified Organic Grass-fed/Pasture Raised eggs. They're the nice beautiful brown ones and OMG the yokes are so orange! When the chickens eat what they were meant to, you get better nutrients and you see that in the color! You can usually find them at places like Whole Foods or other health food stores and local Farmers markets. Getting something labeled "certified organic" is tough and expensive. A lot of local farmers practice this way, but can't afford the labeling so ask how they raise their chickens and you might be able to find pasture raised for cheaper!

Chia seeds

Another awesome way to keep yourself full and energized, chia seeds are a little nutritional powerhouse. They're packed with protein, fiber, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. And you know how they form a sort of gel when you soak them? Well, it turns out that once that gel reaches your stomach, it slows down your digestion just enough to help your bodily steadily burn everything, giving you consistent energy during the process. They'll help you stay fuller, longer while maximizing your body's ability to give you energy from the food you eat.

Shopping Tip!

Buy chia seeds in bulk or larger bags like the 32oz Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds they sell at Costco! They'll last you months (unless you're making chia pudding on the daily) and you'll get way more bang for your buck!

Dark, leafy greens

Anybody feel like detoxing puts a damper on your workouts? Then it's time to amp up your green intake! Dark, leafy greens (think kale and chard) have a ton of iron, which promotes oxygen flow throughout your body. That helps you build muscleandburn fat. Plus, they've got plenty of fiber (which helps you feel full and speeds your detox) and antioxidants.

Shopping Tip!

Go organic, but shop seasonally!! When you are consuming fruits or veggies without a skin you can peel I ALWAYS recommend organic because those cute little guys soak up so much when they're growing! It can get pricey, but if you shop for seasonal greens you can totally enjoy loads of them without breaking the bank.


Green tea

Green tea has just enough caffeine for a nice pick-me-up without leaving you feeling totally wired. Plus, it's got epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant that helps your body burn fat. I love enjoying a hot drink during the winter months, and curling up with a cup of green tea is doubly soothing. Not only do I get my winter ritual, but I also get to know that I'm helping my body detox and giving myself a little boost of energy!

Sipping Tip!

Try a nice ceremonial grade green tea matcha with steamed almond milk! It helps cut the bitterness and will give you the bonus of protein and healthy fats! I also love the Nutiva Organic MCT Powder in Matcha! You get the benefits of both in one!

Resetting your body isn't easy, but it's definitely worth the work. Adding these things to your diet can help you on your way so you can start 2019 feeling your best!

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