4 Tips For Small Space Christmas Decorating


Small Space Christmas Decorating. OMG, it's DECEMBER!!

Anyone else feeling so excited? I'm feeling especially hyped about the holidays this year. With the Sleigh the Holidaychallenge to keep me on my grind and all of the tips in our Holiday Survival Guideto keep me sane, it's been an awesome, balanced, and FUN season so far!

Wanna know one of my fave things I've done to make this time of year feel extra merry? I decorated our house, of course! With Thanksgiving so late in the month this year, I was basically itching to start stringing up lights!! But as I was decorating, I was thinking how lucky I felt to have a house to decorate. And it made me realize that when I didn't have the full-blown mantel and space for a big tree, I had some hacks to make even my tiniest spaces feel festive. And I wanted to pass them onto you!

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So whether you're in a shared dorm room or your first shoebox studio apartment, I've got you covered, babe! Here are my all-time fave tips for decorating a small space for the holidays.

Make a mantel

If you're not lucky enough to have a fireplace, no sweat! Find another place to set up a mantel. It could be over your headboard, across one side of your desk, on your TV stand, or pretty much anywhere else. Then, hang up your stockings (they can be cute tiny ones like these), add a little tinsel and some twinkle lights, and sit back and enjoy. You can make it feel extra cozy by lighting your virtual fireplace — all you need to do is stream iton your TV or laptop.

Throw on some textiles

'Tis the season to get extra cozy! I mean, seriously, is there anything better than snuggling up on the couch in your warmest PJs and watching your fave Christmas movie? You can make said couch (or futon, or even your bed if you're really tight on space!) feel festive by layering on some seasonal softness. Find throws and pillow covers that make you feel merry! Heck, you can get four pillow covers for under $20so it's a minimal investment in your holiday happiness. And you can put the pillow covers over your existing pillows, then roll them up so they pack away super small when the season's over. And if you've got a kitchen, don't forget to set out some cute seasonal dishtowels, too!

Get your ornaments out

Just because you don't have space for a tree doesn't mean you can't showcase your favorite ornaments. Remember that mantel we set up earlier? Snuggle a few in there. Or get a tall glass vase and pile them inside. Or add a wreath to your front door and hang your favorites on it. With a little creativity, you'll find plenty of space to get all of your best ornaments out on display!

Look at your lighting

This is not the time of year for bright, blaring lights. Winter is all about a cozy glow. It might seem crazy to buy string lights when you don't have a tree to put them on, but I think they're so fun to use throughout your space to make it merry. Hang them over your door frame, headboard, desk — wherever, really! Lighting your space with string lights just feels so perfect this time of year. And don't forget to mix in some scented candlesto add to the ambiance!

See? Decorating for the holidays is super fun even when you don't have a ton of space! Ho-ho-hope you have so much fun setting up your holiday vibe, babe!! For more holiday tips and tricks, make sure to download our Holiday Survival Guidefor allllll the things you need to have a stress free and amazing holiday season!

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