3 Apps To Stay Organized & Motivated

Apps to stay organized. Has anyone ever tried a digital detox?

I've been considering trying one but, even though I would love to say I am not a tech person, tbh my whole life basically revolves around my phone and computer and I just don't know how it would work. I definitely have "phone-free" time, but when you run a business online, ditching all your tech for days on end just isn't really realistic. Next week, Ryan and I are going to Europe and have made a pack to leave our phones in the hotel for one whole day! #progress

Whether you love it or hate it, our phones make life way easier and I thought it would be fun to share the best 3 apps to stay organized that I can't live without. **SPOILER ALERT** Instagram is not one of them ?(OMG – gasp!)

1. PlateJoy

My favorite thing about PlateJoyis how the app makes it sooo easy to get creative in the kitchen. I LOVE cooking so much, but with LSF growing so quickly (which is absolutely humbling and so incredibly exciting) I feel like I've been making the same 5-6 dinners every night when we're home.

PlateJoydoes custom meal planning and gives you amazing new personalized recipes. I stick to my LSF Hot Body Meal Plan and use the guidelines for each week to create my plan and it's really helpful to give me new ideas. They even give you grocery list every week to make it so super simple and convenient!

psst!— if you wanna check it out, use my code"LSFKATIE"for10 free daysof PlateJoyplus$10 off.)

2. Trello

You might remember this one from one of my routines on YouTube, but this app is life! I literally am on it on my phone and desktop all day every day. It's truly the most useful organizational app I've ever used. You can create different boards, cards, checklists, set reminders, add photos, etc. Really everything you might need to organize yourself.

We use it in the office for all of our projects and to layout our content calendars and schedules, but Ryan and I also use it for planning our trips, backyard updates and everything else you could think of. It's the best app to stay organized!

3. LSF the App

I mean, for real. I know I created the LSF Appand maaaay be a little biased, but I use the app EVERY DAMN DAY! I'm obsessed with tracking my workouts and getting all the little icons on my calendar and trophies in my trophy case! I also love that I don't have to think about my workouts EVER! Every day is laid out with my personalized plan and I know I can get a solid sweat in under 30 minutes. Plus, if I'm feeling extra I can add a bonus sweat challenge and do my daily 10.

Aside from the incredible workouts, the self care and journaling areas make my heart so happy! I love that it kinda forces me to hit pause and reflect each day which is much needed. I also try to leave the weights I used and time it took me to complete the workout in the notes so I can track my progress too! It's super motivating and I just love it! Get more deets here 

Truly, these 3 apps are one's I can't live without and use on the daily to help motivate me and keep me organized so I can stay on track and reach all my goals! What apps can't you live without!?

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