14 Amazon Must-Haves For Summer


14 Amazon Must-Haves for Summer

I honestly have an amazon problem. I literally order something weekly which is WAY too much, but they have everything! Some stuff is great, some is terrible, but these are my 14 Amazon Must-Haves for Summer. There a mix of things I've used for years and some new favorites I know you'll love!


With all the things I try, I feel like I could do an Amazon top 100 video at some point. You literally can just find anything on there and it makes it so easy. Prime was the biggest game changer for me because you can get stuff fast, decide if it works for you or not, and easily return it. Convenience is key ALWAYS, but especially when you're busy AF and need something fast!

14 amazon must-haves for summer on youtube with Love Sweat Fitness

These are the best beauty, skincare, fashion, home decor, and kitchen must-haves on Amazon and perfect for creating your own paradise at home. All of these are under $100 and most are under $50 making it super affordable for anyone to get these.

  1. Yoga mat wine carrier
  2. St. Tropez self tanner
  3. Maui Babe bronze duo
  4. Wine freezing cooling cups
  5. Pink mini grill
  6. Dermaplane face razors
  7. Instant polaroid camera
  8. Nespresso
  9. Milk steamer
  10. 3 - Tier Rolling Carts
  11. Visor
  12. Face Sun shade
  13. Pink Mini Fridge
  14. BONUS: Booty bands

Do you have any amazing Amazon Must-Haves I didn't list??? I need to know. I definitely get some of my best ideas for new items from you girls in DM's on Instagram or comments on YouTube. That's what I love about this community...it's not just about our workouts and nutrition, It's a place we can share ideas, advice, and good finds!

So, spill it!! What are the things you love that I MUST HAVE!? I want to try everything so comment below with things I should check out!

14 Amazon must-haves for summer under $100 on lovesweatfitness

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