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Wing Woman
Wing Woman
Wing Woman
Wing Woman
Wing Woman
Wing Woman

Wing Woman

One scoop a day — 28 Servings — 4.4 oz

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She's totally got your back – a true wellness warrior loaded up with all the best ingredients to keep you healthy and happy on the reg. Plus a pomegranate berry flavor that's out of this world. 28 servings.
  • Improves immune system and function
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Daily dose of Vitamin C + D
  • Repairs body tissue
  • Strengthens defenses against germs and sickness

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This amazing product Im convinced has already saved me from many colds and flus.Louise
I love this product and literally can’t make my morning shake without it.Christina 
Oh my word … it taste so freakin good. Wing woman has helped me to get so much water in and enjoy the taste of it.Emma
I can't start my day without Wing Woman! Don't skip out on this product!Dannette

Product Details

Wing Woman knows that when it comes to keeping healthy, the best offense is a good (and delicious) defense! Loaded with all the best immune system restoring ingredients like Vitamins C and D2, Zinc, Elderberry, Goldseal, she's got everything you need to show up for yourself (sans sniffles) and keep you feeling your best.

All in One Scoop

Strengthen Defense Against Germs & Sickness

Packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins for all day support

Daily Dose of Vitamin C + D

One scoop a day

Berry Pomegranate

A deliciously drinkable blend made from REAL foods



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