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Slumber Party
Slumber Party
Slumber Party
Slumber Party
Slumber Party
Slumber Party

Slumber Party

One scoop a day — 28 Servings — 4.4 oz

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She's the stuff of dreams, loaded with relaxing, mind-calming, muscle-restoring ingredients like non-drowsy Melatonin and Valerian Root to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed and ready to go!

  • Fall asleep faster
  • Sleep more soundly and stay asleep longer
  • Non-drowsy and non-habit-forming
  • Reduces stress + anxiety
  • Wake up feeling refreshed

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It smells like the best chocolate cake ever and tastes delish just in water. I look forward to it every night before bed. I’m sleeping so much more sound.Becky
I'm so in love with this! I noticed a difference in my sleep the first night. I drank it an hour before bed and I was falling asleep in my chair. I crave it every night now.Andrea
I take this, my head hits the pillow and I am asleep from that moment until the morning when I wake up. It’s truly incredible.Jessica
This has become a staple in my daily night routine.Courtney
I can't even believe how fast I fall a sleep.Chontel

Product Details

Tell those sheep you've been counting to get lost for good. Chocolately and choc-full of ingredients proven to help you get a better night's rest, Slumber Party is our go-to for sound sleep and restful recovery on the reg! No sleep hangovers here – she's the ultimate natural sleep potion made of L-theanine, valerian root, melatonin, and more and no next-day grogginess.

All in One Scoop

Fall Asleep Faster

Melatonin and Valerian Root help you drift off sweetly

Wake Up Refreshed

Never groggy thanks to our specially formulated blend

Sweet Treat For Better Sleep

Delicious real chocolate flavor with zero sugar, mix hot or cold!

Non-Habit Forming + All Natural

Get sleep naturally when you need it



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