Hypo 101 - 4 Week Hypothyroidism Meal Plan

Hypo 101 ebook is an incredible nutrition plan for anyone dealing with hypothyroidism. You’ll find an education section to help you navigate what hypo is, what foods you should eat and ones to avoid, and so much more! is everything a girl needs to jumpstart her weight loss and change her lifestyle for good! It includes a Gluten Free - Dairy Free Meal Plan contains 4 weeks of simple, easy to follow meals that are totally practical!

Created by Katie Dunlop — Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, in collaboration w/ a Registered Dietitian.

What to Expect

Results Start Here

Designed For Hypothyroidism + Hashimotos

Eat to heal your thyroid and feel better each day

Simple To Follow 4 Week Plan

Every meal laid out for you, never stress about what to make

What Foods To Eat & Avoid

Learn what supports and impacts your thyroid

Navigate Hypo/Hashi

Learn how Katie has created a life she loves, lost weight and feels amazing

Complete the routine

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