Busy Babe Handbook

This is the ultimate guide to helping you get sh*t done. We’re all busy AF, but busy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice balance. This e-book is loaded with incredible workouts you can do at home, at school, or at work to sneak in an extra sweat. You’ll get a 5 day meal plan along with tons of amazing printables to help you navigate eating out and on the go. Plus, an entire section dedicated to the oh so important self care! Every girl needs this guide!

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    • 72 Page Ebook
    • Busy Babe Weekly Workout Plan + Tracker
    • 5 Day Meal Plan
    • Budget Tracker
    • Beauty Challenge
    • 5 min Skin Care Routine
    • Project Time Line Planner
    • Small Space Party Plan
    • Easy Recipes + Snack Ideas + more fitness, nutrition and self care tips that a busy babe needs

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Created by Katie Dunlop — Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, in collaboration w/ a Registered Dietitian.

What to Expect

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5 Day Meal Plan

Quick + easy meals to keep you on point during busy days

At-Home Workouts

Even the busiest of girls can get these workouts in!

Self Care Guide

Make time for yourself with relaxing and fun self care prompts

Ultimate Guide to Get Sh*t Done

If you're busy kickin' booty, we made this for you

Complete the routine

You deserve to feel good during every part of your day. Here is what else we recommend for you.

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