5 Ways To Add Healthier Habits Into Your Busy Schedule


how to be healthier

This year has been wild in a lot of ways, but one thing I will say is that I did kinda enjoy the slowdown that came with staying at home. But after screeching to a halt this spring, it feels like things are picking back up now. I know a lot of us are suddenly looking at packed schedules. And it can feel a little (or a lot) daunting!

Which, what the heck? Doesn't everyone know it's Self-Care September? I'm trying to take long baths and midday naps, people! I mean, that's prob not realistic for me, but I definitely am trying to make the most of this month to really get into some serious self-care and learn how to be healthier.

When your calendar and your to-do list are full, it can be a challenge to stick with your self-care and health goals. But you don't have to get frazzled wondering how to be healthier while you run around. I've been doing the busy-and-healthy thing for YEARS and I've got tons of good tips for you.

how to be healthier

There's a guide for that

First, I want to put a spotlight on a guide I built literally for this purpose. If you're wondering how to be healthier when you can hardly find a spare minute in your day, this thing is def worth checking out.

Meet: the Busy Babe Handbook. Our team always has a ton of fun putting together our guides, but this thing was one of our faves. Because we're all busy babes ourselves, it was super satisfying to create something that we could all use.

The handbook's got a chill but delicious and nutritious 5-day meal plan, ways to sneak workouts into your day, a 5-minute skincare routine, a budget tracker, ways to throw together a cute party (even if you're in a small apartment or dorm), and tons of other good stuff. Basically, it should help you lay the foundation for a super healthy, happy life even if you're totally slammed with stuff to do.

But I don't want to leave you hanging. Grab the Busy Babe Handbook when you have the chance, but if you're wondering how to be healthier now, I've got tips for you!

5 tips for busy babes wondering how to be healthier

#1: Focus on the long term

I know that when I'm busy, it's easy to get really focused on what's right in front of me. That's good in some ways, but it definitely makes it hard to feel like you're making progress.

Instead of focusing on just today, make sure you're thinking about your physical and mental health long-term. Having bigger, overarching goals can keep you focused even when your day-to-day is pretty cray. Like, right now, I'm setting goals to reach by the end of 2020 so I have a few months to execute on them. That keeps me on track without feeling overly burdened.

how to be healthier

#2: Find a routine

When you're busy, the key to avoiding stress and making time for yourself seriously comes down to routine. Getting up at the same time every morning and starting with some time for yourself — whether that's your workout, meditation, or really taking your time with your coffee or tea — is huge. It makes sure that no matter what wildness comes your way the rest of the day, you carved out some space to do what matters most to you.

And a bedtime routine is CRUCIAL when you're busy. I like to turn off screens, silence my phone, and settle into my night for at least 30 min before bed. Knowing I have this routine each night helps me push through even the craziest days.

how to be healthier

#3: Find your support system

Listen up: you're not alone!!! The weird thing about being busy is that it can be really isolating. Like, even if I throw a meetup with friends on my cal, if I'm feeling super rushed leading up to that hang, it's so hard to slow down and enjoy the quality time.

Don't let a packed schedule make you feel alone! Tune in with our LSF community on Insta, girl! Follow us at @LoveSweatFitness and @TeamLSF to connect with tons of amazing women who are also rocking a full calendar and making it happen. We're always sharing tips on how to be healthier and it's super inspiring! Seriously, this support system makes a HUGE difference for me when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

#4: Schedule it out

If you feel busy, babe, you've GOT to keep a schedule. Write that ish down! Whether you get a cute planner or use your phone's calendar, start scheduling out your days.

No, this isn't just a way to make sure you're not late to class or meetings. Put time for yourself on that calendar! Celebrate Self-Care September by penciling in your fave self-care techniques. Write your workouts in, too.

Scheduling it out helps you protect that time for yourself. That way, even if your days are packed, you'll still have the time you need to do what you want — because you blocked it off on your calendar!

#5: Celebrate the small victories

If you're always thinking about how to be healthier, that's amazing. But make sure you don't burn yourself out! It's important to let go sometimes.

My fave way to do that is to celebrate! I treat myself for the little things. Set micro-goals for yourself and then reward yourself when you hit them. Because, babe, you're doing such a good job!!

Don't let busyness keep you from leading your healthiest life. Make it a point to participate in Self-Care September, get a routine and a schedule going so you never feel like you're drowning in stuff to do, and take care of yourself. You deserve it!

how to be healthier

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