Easy Ways Get More Done & Still Have Fun!


Get more done. You've been killing it at work all day, putting in the hours.

Or you've been at school, putting the finishing touches on that essay. When you get home, you want to collapse onto the couch and veg.

And maybe you do. But your to-do list keeps getting longer, and just got pushed back another day.

This is why being mindful about your routine is an absolute must. I want you girls to crush your goals, and if you follow these tips you totally WILL! Plus, if you have the Busy Babe Handbook, you're already ahead of the game!

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Figure Out Your Five

Did you know? You're 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Those are some odds I'd like to take so each morning I write down the top 5 things that are absolutely necessary to get done that day. Yes, self-care and your workout are part of those things!

Put them in order of priority from top to bottom. Then, knock them out from top to bottom. Ah, don't you just feel satisfied? Starting off your day knowing exactly what you need to get done and then doing it lets you be intentional, and feel great when you conquer your list. Celebrate your success (maybe with a good self care sesh?)

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Where's the Waste?

The time, I mean. Did you know you can go to your Instagram, and it will tell you exactly how much time you spend on it? Most people spend over an hour scrolling through random accounts they're not getting things from – guilty!

Figure out the time wasters in your life. You don't have to cut them out entirely, just cut back. Remember, we're still having fun. But if you spend thirty minutes on your to-do list instead of spending it scrolling through social media, you're going to feel so much more relaxed when you do get that scroll time.

Bit by Bit

Break it down. You don't make a recipe all in one go. You look at the directions and go step-by-step. Why isn't tackling your tasks the same? Trying to clean the whole entire house sounds overwhelming. What sounds less overwhelming? Cleaning the counter, the sink, then your closet floor. Ahh, that's better.

So, those are the big ones. Master those productivity tips, and you're well on your way to a more fun day. But, are you ready? We're not done. Here's my cheat sheet of easy things that you can do each and every day. They're so simple, but they work:

Alright babes, got all that? I want to challenge you to see just how much you can get done. Make it your #LSFmadeitmonday. Post it up on Instagram so I can check in and see how you did! I can't wait to come see what you're up to and celebrate you when you crush it!

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