My Fave Looks for Fall

My 5 Fave Looks for Fall | Easy ways to up your style game

As a kid I LOVED Fashion! I mean, clearly…look at this family photo shoot 😂 And my massive cowlick really elevated the look I think…

As I got older and struggled with my weight, figuring out my style felt impossible. I just felt like I couldn’t “pull off” certain looks so it was easier to go understated and blend in. I’ve realized that was just my own insecurities and, had I actually tried, I would have probably felt way more confident rocking a good outfit at any size.

A lot of people assume as soon as  you lose weight you’re confident and ready to wear anything, but you’re still you. You still struggle with those insecurities on the inside even if your body looks different on the outside. It too me a while, but a few years ago I finally started to get into finding my own style and just wearing things I LOVE. I kinda decided if you like it and own it, you can really rock anything. So here are my 5 fave looks happening this fall.

1. Game Day Vibes ANYTIME

Ryan and I have waited so long to have an LA football team and are SO pumped for the Rams this year! I grew up a huge Patriots fan (my dad is from New England so, you get it…), but I love having a hometown team I can cheer on.

Jerseys have always snuck their way into fashion shows and street wear and with good reason, they’re super comfy and totally adorbs. I’ve always wanted to wear jerseys, especially at games (and kinda just in life too)  but didn’t totally know what to do with them. They either felt too small or too big, but I finally figured it out. The secret is to get an oversized jersey!!


Yes! Too big is key! It has more room and it’s a lot easier to style than a fitted one.

This is the new NFL Los Angeles Rams Limited Jersey by Nike and it’s REALLY nice. I just tuck it into high waisted shorts with tall boots and a classic leather jacket-  done and done. And it’s a fun way to mix it up to support your team all day every day, not just on game days! And if you do want it more fitted, they have TONS of amazing smaller women’s jersey’s too!.  Have you guys tried that before? It’s pretty cute!

Ryan takes the whole “Live & Die in LA” v. seriously so I love reppin’ our teams (LA Lakers being the other) especially during football season. Just a little reminder to everyone that we’re coming for that Super Bowl 🏆 Who’s your team?? Tell me in the comments!

Checkout all the teams jerseys!

2. Overalls!!

YES! They are back and I’m not mad about it at all. Plus, they’ve  gotten way cuter than the ones I wore as a kid – And this white blouse is for sure an upgrade from the one in the pic above😁

I bought the overalls because I loved them, but had no idea what to wear under them, especially in fall. A small crop seemed to summery and a sweater was way too bulky, but I had this top in my closet and it was perfect! At first I thought it would be way too “blousy”, but it worked! You really just have to try random things on together and see what works for you.


3. Cozy Sweaters & Boyfriend Jeans

Ok so let’s talk about these jeans first. They are everything that is right in the world when it comes to clothes. They’re high waisted  AND the perfect amount of baggy . Put those two things together and you basically feel like you’re not wearing pants which is heaven.

I normally would think “baggy pants = tight top” but it was chilly so I threw on the baggy sweater and loved it! I never used to wear baggy sweaters like this because I always thought I looked “bulky” with my chest, but sometimes you have to get outside your own head and just do what you want! And look how cute it is! The crop really makes it.

4. Animal Prints 🐯

I went through a serious cheetah phase in college. Like cheetah shoes, cheetah tops, cheetah bags, basically cheetah everything. It was awesome for like 2 years then was O-U-T. So I cycled it out of my wardrobe and of course, it’s back!

You literally can’t go wrong with any animal print rn, but cheetah is definitely top of the list. I know you girls LOVE my friend Natalie and she just launched her own online shop as part of her company Style Report with her sister! So fun right!? This skirt is from her new line and it’s really cute. You could wear it to work with a nicer top, then throw on something a little sexier for a date!


5. Suits & Sneakers

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know If I was gonna get behind this look. I love sneakers (obvi), but it seemed odd and like way too high fashion for me. Then Natalie told me to just freaking put it on and well….I kinda love it.

I literally had no idea how to style it at first though so I needed Natalie to help a sister out. She did. It’s adorable. And here’s what she has to say about the look for fall:

“No longer are the days that your suiting has to be stuck behind a desk. It’s time to take your suit from the office to the street; because 2018 is all about casual suiting. Pair your suit with a crop top and sneakers for the perfect off duty look. If you’re ready to embrace your inner boss babe, this rust colored suit needs to be on your shopping list. And just like any matching set, the beauty of a suit is that you can not only wear it together, but style each piece separately. So you basically just got 3 outfits in 1!” Shop Style Report 

Rock Your Look

Only you can decide what looks you love, but if you take nothing else away from this post, take this:  YOU CAN WEAR ANYTHING YOU WANT!

Truly. If you like the way an outfit makes you look and feel, that is all you need. That will make you feel confident stepping out in it and a happy girl with confidence and a smile can basically do anything.

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Feeling all of them except #5…maybe with a different top? The rest were really cute though!